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How to play football 7 on 7

State An Ruirui2010-04-18 09:11:00 +0000 #1
in the standard football field, about 4.5 months of classes, only three individuals, including me, will play, solve, thank you!
cute Da Tougui2010-04-18 09:16:57 +0000 #2
seven simple games .. there are three people will be enough .. but do not know what this so-called level on behalf of the information .. see you in high school .. this .. amateur players in the physical and technology for a perfect sense of time .. Although the tactics and even worse the whole point .. but okay .. If you can match three of the technical proposals would leave a sense .. and Technology kicked back stronger .. .. the other two midfielders to play physical now .. you should be able to cover the 321 before it hit the lineup of games .. .. .. choose a single striker than three of you slightly better outside the competence ..

the two sides back to protect both sides of the .. .. anyway, can be properly involved in the wing attack to their defense is to not work .. if it is damaged on more than big feet .. In addition to telling Do not worry .. they were out to catch the other foot .. .. so that the other side and in the formation of too many one-or two-on-one defender situation ..

offensive midfielder, when two more retracement of the ball. . and then rely on individual skills and team with seven games to move penetration .. not much .. it is easy to Daoqian Chang had .. If there is another leg muscles and foot method, then choose more long-range .. .. 20 m about shooting or effective ..

but both games of a few people with the most important thing .. .. We play five of seven .. .. .. 11 people are to meet the main .. Unfortunately, I read the full school .. slightly better than others, often people can not keep up .. ..

but like to play Well .. happy .. happy .. is the most important fight another not so .. Try not to hurt the body is the capital .. .. .. anyway .. happy outcome without too seriously like ..

Finally I wish you a fun way, I wish you success .. .. hehe ..
xtdwd2010-04-18 10:00:18 +0000 #3
best to use only half the space, or reduce a little space, 7 people Well, a goalkeeper, two defenders, two midfielders, two forwards, in fact, so few people here what is not important, as long as with the Haojiu Hang up , attention back on defense, midfield back to defense when the two were one or two people back up against the side door, no one before the market can not.

Since you wrote in your class who will play less, you can arrange for two will add a kick to do would kick back, this will kick in to command the other two. Feet on the line will be open as long as

nothing more thought they on the line, repeatedly passing friends,



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