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Henry, great skills, good character for an actor or a basketball star.

78453122010-04-18 09:11:18 +0000 #1
For such a phenomenal striker, you can only hope that he will try not to choose it from the side of your break, or prayer race ended quickly. "--- Lunihengli is clearly the leader of these players, he is always in the goal, but good goal, many years of it, but his greatest asset is his speed, speed up the running when he when the ball is always at his feet, no one can touch him. - Henry, Ronaldo

the face of the defense when we do nothing, especially his speed up, I think the only way to stop his advance approach is to hit him with fists course. - Ferguson

I compared the football field he's "Muhammad" Ali, because of his speed and elegance can not be duplicated. He exudes all the actions were star style and tasteful - Mourinho

I think Henry is the world's best player, he was a perfect striker. on the pitch, he could do anything, he is a football wizard - Ronaldinho

you no way and he kicked - former Middlesbrough coach Steve McClaren Henry is a world-class striker, he scored an amazing speed. his speed too fast to point out his faults is not easy. Some people say Henry's header some weak, but with his feet like that effort headed home Do you need? Henry's goal was beautiful, but it looks easy to the extreme, this shows that he's shooting skill is already reached a pinnacle of the . "- Shearer

you can in training to think as many kinds of ways to defend Henry, Bingju can continue to practice, Dan is indeed going to face him O'clock on the field, it is a completely different scenario, he could be the step of Neijiu guard behind them, the play's performance tells us that he is omnipotent, technical, speed, awareness, and even header ferry, in short, he is the world's best striker, I always looked up shirt, thinking How can we prevent this crazy player. --- Terry French team in a phenomenal player, and that is Thierry Henry, Arsenal and France, he asked to become more dangerous. We do not have the opportunity to relax a moment, especially with such a devil of players against Henry. Henry will be our nightmare, we need to mobilize all resources to stop him. "--- Emerson" He was a magician, and his feet were born to shoot use. Ball when he was the best technology and speed. He should be the fastest ball ever, and no one can keep up his pace. "- Henry and Thuram is difficult to compare me. He and Ronaldo as the world's most dangerous --- Riquelme is the best striker Henry peg? That may allow coach to me prepare a motorcycle 。"--- Lucio, "Henry horrible, he is simply a monster in my career, and since the ballpark experience, I do not remember what the players like him." "You mentioned that Dennis - labor and Jimmy - Gelifusi, they are very special talent, world-class, but they are more destructive than Henry, and more difficult to man-mark. --- Tony Benitez, "Henry is the world's best striker. So far he is the best in the world. He is not only able to score. Even if he is not scoring the same day the state, he can still spread deadly ball. He is a strong man - 维埃拉亨利 is a great player, an outstanding talent, his fast, just like with the same five or six motors, you never know what his next step is to Action .-- Harvey He is an amazing talent to imagine class players. - 莱因克尔亨利 very superior forces, he is football aliens - Sun Jihai, "he very quickly, from the physical, said he is a monster. With this ability, you have When I do, every weekend he can into the 45 ball. I wish I could be like him. "- Mancini Ronaldo he can do the impossible. When he was in the state, when no one can block him. Him apart, with all sense of rhythm, balance and enviable talent. "- Capello" Only one word to describe Henry --- death. He is the world's best striker, he is the world's best goalkeeper of all the defensive players do not want to face forward. "" If you look at Henry's personal capacity, you never find another person as his ability. In appropriate circumstances, you pass to him, he would speed up the throw off all of the guard, remember that the world is true of any defender. "- Carlos

zhouhu8222010-04-18 09:23:46 +0000 #2
his amateur basketball it seems like at least a good level of fitness and good actors to do Well, most people would like the football field it !!!!!!!!!
liuchanggogog2010-04-18 09:19:51 +0000 #3
No one except you is an idiot



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