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What are the simple and fun puzzle computer game for children

hn9112010-04-18 10:11:22 +0000 #1
Does anyone know some simple computer puzzle game fun? (For children 4-7 years old play)
jojokuyu2010-04-18 10:21:28 +0000 #2
Bee Bee Park is suitable for small children learning to play this game

which are exercise classes and thinking of the game, ideal for children 4-7 years old. Strongly recommend you to try
o0 Rorschach 0o2010-04-18 10:47:40 +0000 #3
like Skill, graffiti class, dress up games are like puzzle game for your baby under the on-line Internet Zhao Zhao
law3_zyw2010-04-18 11:33:52 +0000 #4
best to not let children play on the computer, or let him do it yourself, children are easily addicted to computer games, hands-on visual acuity and ability to no good
ilhal2010-04-18 11:54:16 +0000 #5

this which are all suitable for children play the game

but certainly not too much to control the kids play the game

When you find your child two days of continuous play computer games rather than break, when computer games began to affect his social life, school, so he was not with friends exchanges, mind thought there was nothing else apart from computer games, and when they decided to rest the only computer games are fun, you must immediately stop him access to computers, educational computer games he was away.

When a child can not leave the computer for two days he should be banned to stay, at the computer desk. Research shows that computer games have the same as drug addiction, he may have to do not play computer games can not live on stage, this time, all things can not let him leave the computer, it even lost his best friend, As long as a computer, they find peace and harmony. A computer game addicts and drug users are also similar symptoms, but the harm to the body smaller, addictive computer games are willing to do anything, as to force them to leave the computer, they will produce hallucinations, irrational, mad, or feel depression, in which case he might need to see a psychiatrist.

When the computer begins to affect his social life, such as not talking with friends, not food, even when their schooling, which has become a serious problem. Can not graduate without completing their studies, can not find work, eventually nothing, living on the streets. In addition, if a person is to be the front of the computer too long, they may be affected by the circumstances of computer games, some in imitation of reality, such as buying a gun to kill someone. If they can do in the virtual world, also do so in reality. The recent Virginia Tech campus shooting, the murderer, after killing 33 people commit suicide, but said that the murderer is his imitation of the things in the game.

If a person so interested in the computer so the computer rest of his life as his only hobby, they may choose to become a professional player game, but they can not rely on games to get through life. Some professional players the game will be addictive, but not deep. The world's leading professional gamers to play the game although a bit obsessed, but they still find time to play tennis at school, and their skills are very agile. If a person decides to have done in the rest of his life as a professional player, you need to consider carefully, because sooner or later, your career will be overtaken by other players. Then you will not get paid and had lived a full life impoverished.

In short, if playing computer games can not take a degree, the ultimate consequence is undoubtedly serious. If someone in line with the above points may be most of his life will be wasted this way, it is not impossible to let him go back to. Psychologist suggested that he could develop a new hobby, such as tennis, motor vehicles, apart from computer games Yiwai anything, this will help you to changes on attitudes toward the computer. So, remember Do not let the computer control you.



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