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Who can help introduce the Italian sportswear brand and style?
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FILA (Fila):


Rome, Italy, fila (Fila) sporting goods company in 1972 hired a Japanese designer to design for the fila trademark. So with the letter f as the main element of the mark came up, and greatly appreciated by Fila Italian boss. The f letter creative, beautiful and full use of geometric patterns, with strong aesthetic, and artistic atmosphere of the Italian long match. So until today, fila company still did not intend to replace the trademark Fila FILA brand


FILA FILA brand in 1926 by the brothers founded in Italy BIELLA. Seventies, in line with diversification strategies to expand in the future at a broad apparel business, and has developed tennis, skiing, swimming, golf, mountain climbing, until the recent addition of a new basketball and football equipment. Fila today widely used for its excellent products and earned a reputation for innovative design and product marketing, Paris, Rome, Los Angeles and Japan, more than 30 countries.

Fila (Italy) - English translation done: Fila

FILA (Fila) is the world's top three sports brand, principally engaged in tennis, designated snow, golf, yoga, elegant sports car racing and other related products. Bright bold design,, famously elegant and unique products, which will help FILA (Fila) in the international top sports brands in the unique charm, world famous.

Brand in 1911 by the FILA brothers founded in Italy BIELLA has for nearly a century. In the seventies, FILA with the diversification strategy to expand apparel business. And successively in the years after the development of a golf, tennis, fitness, yoga, running and skiing series, finally laid the backbone of world-renowned sports brand status, is considered representative of the art, luxury model.

Fila (China) ---

August 14, Belle Group announced with Fila Luxembourg and Fila Group entered into various agreements to acquire Fila Chinese trademarks and other related property rights, related to capital 48 million U.S. dollars.

According to the agreement, Fila Fila Luxembourg agreed to let the Chinese trademark for Belle Group Belle Group 48 million U.S. dollars in cash to pay the transaction. Meanwhile, the Group's wholly owned Full Prospect Limited 15% of the share transfer to the Fila Luxembourg. The joint venture company's main assets Fila China Trademark.

Fila FILA brand spokesperson

Boyz to become an international brand sports shoes FILA FILA sportswear voice

New York Hilton endorsement rap star Nas Hip Pop

Asian popular combination TVXQ




Fila FILA sports brand advertising society phrase


Fila Fila FILA known as Italy's senior sports and leisure brand in mainland China, Hong Kong and Macao trademark rights in September 2007 formally transferred to Belle International;

September 2007, Fei Yue Sports Limited the formal establishment of the company responsible for FILA brand in China (including Hong Kong and Macao) and all related businesses.

August 12, 2009, ANTA Sports issued a public notice in the Stock Exchange today evening, said the well-known shoe companies has signed a purchase agreement Belle, will acquire two subsidiaries of its subsidiary in order to get Belle's sports brand Fila's ownership and operating rights, and related marketing network.

Kappa (back to back):

kappakappa 1916 Turin in northwest Italy (turin) the establishment of the Italian sports and leisure apparel companies. Formerly a small company called mct. Full company name "societa anonima calzificio torinese".


kappa, or back to back. This company is the first trademark "aquila", later to become the present "kappa".

Such and such, mct quietly, do not see outstanding results. Until the late 60s, a major turning point in making it to an unprecedented leap forward in performance. The rise of casual culture of reckless young at that time, the concept of integration of gender clothing is beginning to sprout, mct Xi quasi-market, introduced two new brands "robe di kappa" and "jesus jeans". Both to the main trend of casual wear and jeans brand goods, with the promotion of innovation bold plot, immediately a huge success. The late 70s, mct the brand repositioning strategy, proved to be a clever mind action, "kappa sport" (soon after known as kappa) has become an attention in the young market brands.

With the success of casual, back to back kappa started to re-focus back sporting goods market. Kappa confident back to back late in the 70 to start for professional athletes and team sponsorship. First of all, the top Italian team Juventus sponsorship, soon after the lead until the object will be sponsored by ac Milan, Sampdoria, Roma and the Netherlands, Ajax, both of these teams have won an important tournament title. All the way to 80 years, back to back outstanding performance kappa sponsored the "super class" of the United States track and field team for the team with the most advanced technical support, we recall 88 Seoul Olympic Games, U.S. track and field team sprint classic tight dress, that is from kappa's are mine the back to back.

Into the 90's offensive football, kappa's trademark often back to back in the pitch, many famous clubs are all back to back kappa supporters, including representative when the number of Juventus and Barcelona, the national team there in South Africa and Jamaica. In 1997, kappa also host the Champions League and European authorities, signed a piece of paper 3-year contract to become the football event of the designated sports apparel sponsor. Kappa has a stronger team now.

Kappa and football in 1993, back to back kappa is a consortium called the basic properties of the acquisition, and given a fashion brand benetton full financial support in making the kappa strength more powerful, and has become Europe's largest privately owned sporting goods group. In the February 9, 1999, kappa higher level, the Italian national team was the world's top soccer teams look to be his sponsor, the players are all superstar-bit bit, so that kappa-known significant increase in back to back. More attention is that, kappa becomes the only brand to put their label on the Italian national team jersey.

Into 2000, back to back with putting names kappa leather sheath flexible under the sponsorship team jersey to wear Kee. First of all, the Italian national team wear this jersey, so the team is more air, even fiercer. Qu European countries in the last cup, which jerseys all the rage, everyone is competing to buy. In the same year, Rome, Italy has become a back to back soccer team sponsored by kappa. The end of June this year, the Italian Serie A, Roma have unprecedented success. Totti, Batistuta, Hidetoshi Nakata, Mundie to take such good players in the sponsorship under kappa, performance far greater than first-class, almost flawless.

Now, back to back kappa teams around the world, 巴西罗马里奥 of Vasco, Spain's Betis Danny Morrison, the Netherlands Ono Chung Yan Philip II was also wearing a back to back Snow kappa jerseys, numerous.

Beijing sports development trend established in April 18, 2002, the famous Italian sports brand KAPPA back to back in mainland China and Macau, the exclusive agent. Li Ning Sports Goods Company Limited from Shanghai and Beijing Jia Li Feng Sports Co., Ltd. established a joint venture, the main back-KAPPA brand clothing, footwear and sports equipment.

In the early 70s, the Italian a profound social and cultural change can be called a revolt, rebellion era. In this transformation of clothing also will adapt to a new lifestyle: formal dress is no longer popular, casual clothing became popular, back to back Kappa is the product of this revolution. In the early '80s, ROBE DI KAPPA looking to develop a campaign with the clothing market, so the birth of the Kappa Sport (now Kappa), a man and a woman sitting with back to back to form a back to back with a strong romantic Kappa brand identity .

In the brand's inception, Kappa began to sponsor various sports teams. According to statistics, from 98 to 2002, Kappa sponsored a total of 220 in 27 countries around the teams and individuals. Involved in sports are soccer, skiing, cricket, beach volleyball, hockey and other 16 sports. Behavior of the strong support of sponsors, Kappa sponsored the signing in 1981, the Italian soccer club Juventus, then successfully sponsored the United States at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games in track and field team. In the sponsorship of, Kappa brand in the use of innovative fabrics, design and representatives memorable brand language and brand image of product played a key role, makes the Kappa brand awareness quickly improved.

In addition, Kappa conducting sponsorship also actively into the entertainment business. Kappa and the entertainment industry has a very wide range of contacts, from music to television, from cinema to the general celebration of the different entertainment industries a number of targeted promotional activities. Kappa efforts through television, radio, magazines, Internet and other communication carriers, try to lead and create a fashion trend.

Kappa brand in line with market rules of the correct brand positioning, so Kappa content in the world of business is enjoying rapid growth. Memorable advertising slogan "He who loves me follows me", so Kappa brand to continuously improve. Since 2002, Kappa brand to enter the Chinese market, its "campaign, fashion, sexy, quality" brand positioning and marketing activities complement each other, also more and more fashion brand Kappa family of all ages.

Kappa brand owner BasicNet developed a different style ... makes Kappa brands emerging in the media; also includes well-known pop singers and rock bands of the sponsor, with affinity in the external appearance and respect for youth culture Kappa brand influence is a winning one.

Kappa brand in line with market rules of the correct brand positioning, so Kappa content in the world of business is enjoying rapid growth. Currently, Kappa distribution of franchising and direct way to have access to Europe, Asia, the Americas, Oceania and Africa, more than 60 countries and regions.

Kappa international market development is based on the development of franchise network of agents and on the basis of rapid growth. BasicNet licensed agents who will provide a complete business technology; for the localization of market development, BasicNet will provide strategic guidance to enable them in their areas and regulations.

BasicNet for the license agent to provide standardized processes and a strong support group information management system (referred to as "KOS" system), the KOS system has from the group to the agent, agent to the retailer until the end of a complete retail management function.

License agents are now BasicNet part of a global common development goals. As BasicNet license agents who can help build a comprehensive business and market service system, so Kappa trademarks and company image even for a native company in the global competition to create the core competitiveness.

Created for people to wear sports wear everyday is BasicNet product development strategy, product innovation in the pursuit of the goal: the regeneration of sports and leisure products. At the same time functional apparel is to support and promote sports and leisure products as a bridge.

Now, BasicNet duly authorized Trend Sport mainland China and Macao Special Administrative Region of brand licensing agency.

Back to back Kappa slogan

I'll follow my love (love me follow me)


kappa Kappa back to back like Li Ning, NIKE, Adidas that kind of a special advocate in China, kappa in China has not specifically spokesperson, but Kappa sponsored a number of stars, such as: Jiro Wang, Huang Xiaoming, Li Bingbing, Yu Quan, heat brothers, wNv so. But the kappa of the sport is very concerned, so is the multi-sport sponsorship associations, such as: soccer, skiing, cricket, beach volleyball, hockey, electronic games, etc. In addition to regular business activities and sponsor a number of variety shows .

Kappa spokesmen abroad have team members in Rome, Italy Francesco Totti, Juventus 后卫费拉拉, Portuguese midfielder Paulo Sousa, etc.


Diadora DIADORA Chinese name is one of Italy in China Official Website called Diadora.

DIADORA founder to 1948, DIADORA shoes movement was born in Italy, "Silicon Valley" - San Marco City, this place is the time in Italy during World War I army depot footwear, shoe-making technology after the war to be here retention and development. DIADORA founder Makexiluo Daniel (MARCELLO DANEL) inherited the tradition of home-made shoe technology and innovation, and finally in 1948 established his own brand - DIADORA, symbolizes "With talent, can"

DIADORA Development History: to 1948, Makexiluo Daniel (MARCELLO DANEL) known as the sports shoes in the "Silicon Valley" - the Italian San Marco symbolizes the city was founded "by virtue of talent, ability," the DIADORA brand.

1950, DIADORA to produce high-quality climbing shoes and walking shoes products are the main, these products came to be known as the hiking boots and boots of the prototype. To 1960, skiing became a popular sport, DIADORA successfully entered the ski boots and casual footwear market, and grow in one fell swoop for Italy's leading brand sports industry.

1965, DIADORA first introduced running shoes, tennis shoes immediately involved in the field. To 1970, athletic boom coming, DIADORA take the lead in many sports stars champion to develop products and to meet the athletes demand, for the sporting goods market has brought a revolutionary idea, and then launched the famous "golden sword Bo Georgia "shoes. 1975, DIADORA entered the football program, then known by his sport's Bettega support for DIADORA into the football foundation.

1980, soccer, tennis, track and field, Racing, basketball ... ... DIADORA the sports world has become more broad. Celebrity endorsement is a number, such as Zico, Italian cyclist, world record holder Moser, a famous racing driver Ayrton Senna, Brazil and so on.

1988, DIADORA worldwide to expand the scope extends to the United States and Asia, for tennis shoes and jogging shoes sales.

1990, DIADORA adjustment and innovation in technology development, reaping world-renowned sports stars have become DIADORA Ambassador.

2000, 除了 continued strong development of sport, but also with international top brands, top design master to develop and D. LUX Jilie retro series products, and created a remarkable brand value.

2002, DIADORA revolutionary new generation of shoe-making technology "Axeler" launched Axeler is DIADORA R & D center, and through Milan Institute of Biological Engineering Center, an innovative detection systems, aims to accelerate the movement of the feet to exploit the potential of athletes. 2003, Italian giants to join the Club of Rome signed DIADORA of "one of eleven" campaign.

2008, Italy DIADORA Yongjia Group Company and the Hong Kong officially became partners in Hong Kong and Macau jointly established Diadora Sports (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., Mr. Huang Xiaoming as DIADORA China, Hong Kong, Macao and the reputation of voice, and actively promote "Le dynamic music live" attitude of health campaigns.

DIADORA Important Events to 1950, DIADORA with high-quality climbing shoes and walking shoes, a famous brand in Italy, these products came to be known as the hiking boots and boots of the prototype. To 1970, DIADORA and tennis legend Bjorn Borg (Bjorn Borg) jointly launched the famous "golden sword Borg" shoes. And 1974, DIADORA for the triple jump world record holder 吉塞佩詹蒂 Le (Giuseppe Gentile) introduced models based training. To 1979, DIADORA to as the "world's most terrifying striker," Robert. Bettega (Roberto Bettega) introduced the classic shoe for professional use, as he has won many honors, such as the number of league and cup titles, etc. and so on.

1981, DIADORA for motorcycle sport in the world championship 马科卢切内利 (Marco Lucchinelli) introduced the classic shoe for professional use.

1982, DIADORA sponsor the Italian national team won the Spanish championship held in the twelfth World Cup.

1983, DIADORA real world cycling champion 莫雷诺阿尔 Argentina (Moreno Argentin) carefully designed a professional shoe.

1984, DIADORA Hurdle blow of the United States Edwin Moses (Edwin Moses) launched the "king of road training shoes" and in the distance / hurdles shoes, called "EDWIN MOSES World Cup"; year DIADORA it as "the run king, "the famous British men distance runners Sebastian Coe (Sebastian Coe) introduction of training shoes.

1987, DIADORA for the former Inter legend Walter Zenga (Walter Zenga) introduced the classic shoe for professional use; the same time as the famous F1 team McLaren (Mc Laren) introduced professional shoe.

1988, DIADORA Belgian Footballer of the Chiffaut (Vincenzo Scifo) introduced professional shoe.

1989, DIADORA 1 hour world endurance record holder Cycling Francisco Moss (Francesco

Moser) introduced professional shoe; and in the same year as the "F1 car of God," Elton - Ayrton Senna (Ayrton Senna) launched classic shoes for professional use.

1990, DIADORA cycling world champion 詹尼布尼奥 (Gianni Bugno) introduced the classic shoe for professional use.

1991, DIADORA a stadium for the largest number of F1 drivers - Ricardo - Patrese (Riccardo Patrese) introduced the classic shoes; and in the same year as the tennis star Boris Becker (Boris Becker) introduced professional with shoes. To 1992, DIADORA Zongkua tennis, soccer, volleyball three major areas of focus for the top players were renowned production of footwear for professional use, such as the U.S. Tennis Jennifer Capriati (Jennifer Capriati), one of Italy's most outstanding goalkeeper Security Gro Peruzzi (Angelo Peruzzi), the Italian volleyball star Andrea - Zounds (Andrea Zorzi.)

1993 年, DIADORA the history of Dutch football one of the greatest players Marco van Basten (Marco van Basten) introduced the classic shoe for professional use.

1994, DIADORA for the World Player of the Robert - Baggio (Roberto Baggio) introduced professional shoe; and in the same year as the third top scorer in Serie Zhu 塞佩西格诺 in (Giuseppe Signori) introduced the classic shoe for professional use. To 1995, DIADORA for the World Player of the George Weah (George Weah) introduced the classic shoe for professional use.

1996, DIADORA to Juventus historic "bald captain" 吉安鲁卡维 Arizona (Gianluca Vialli) introduced the classic shoe for professional use.

Brand slogan:

ENJOY SPORTS, ENJIY LIFE - enjoy life, enjoy the sport, is DIADORA brand slogan, after enrichment is "moving music, music live." "Music Activity, Broadwood," advocated a positive and healthy attitude towards life, advocating that people at work to learn and relax, enjoy sports and enjoy life. Because life is a healthy exercise life and healthy life is never wither fashion

lotto (music way):

LOTTO, Chinese brands: Le way

1973, LOTTO established in Italy. Inception, LOTTO main focus in tennis, when a mention LOTTO, the first thing people think of tennis shoes and tennis T shirt. Later, LOTTO turned to look at a popular Italian Peninsula in the past century the world's largest sports --- football, to provide soccer shoes and Greenery sportswear giants, and now even the pitch on the law enforcement --- referees favor LOTTO. LOTTO soccer supplies become the main battlefield.

In the advent of the first 10 years, LOTTO quickly open the market in Italy and holds a pivotal position. Now, LOTTO has been among the list of world-renowned sports brand, marketing more than 80 countries on five continents.

Lotto has been occupying an important position in the football field, its technical content, brand and financial strength, in the world, particularly in Europe, not inferior to other brands. Juventus has a particular image of lotto spokesmen, such as Piero, Kovacevic, a large number of stars such as Andre Agassi with a profound influence in China. Has sponsored over Juventus, AC Milan, Italy, Netherlands, Croatia national team, is also sponsored by Florence, Udinese, Palermo and many other teams. Attempt to do me retired Gullit, 阿尔贝迪尼, former Barcelona Romario, star Ivan Zamorano of Chile, the former Tianjin Yu Genwei, Milan Sheva, Dida, Costacurta, Cafu, Seedorf, Juve's Del Piero, Chelsea's Petr Cech, another tennis legend Boris Becker sector, are also active in the Mirza LOTTO spokesman. And its price advantage and Adidas, Nike, compared with a considerable competitive edge.

Li Ning Company Limited (2331.HK) released a notice on July 31 with the Italian sports brand Lotto Sport signed an agreement to not less than 10 billion price, get the brand in China, 20-year exclusive concession.

Lotto (Lotto) is well-known Italian sports brand, with the famous Italian design and focus on football and tennis in the field of sports marketing resources. This means that Li Ning Sports multi-brand business strategy towards an important step.

Notice that, Lotto Sport agreed to under the license agreement, granting the franchise in China, Li Ning sports product development, manufacturing, marketing, publicity, promotion, distribution and sale of the exclusive license to use Lotto trademark rights, the concession period from July 2008 31 to December 31, 2028 only.

Li Ning Sports from January 1, 2009, the annual license fee payable under the licensed products of the actual percentage of sales, and with the minimum amount each year, 20 years as the minimum amount of royalties is about 934 million yuan , approximately 1.065 billion Hong Kong dollars.

Currently, Lotto Sport has been doing business in China, with music way (Nanjing), Le purposes (Shanghai), the two companies, of which Le purposes (Nanjing) is principally engaged in with a Lotto trademark product design, development, procurement, distribution and marketing, music purposes (Shanghai) is principally engaged in the retail product with Lotto trademark.

In addition to exclusive rights, Li Ning will be no more than 25 million yuan to the price, buy music purposes (Nanjing), Le purposes (Shanghai), the two companies assets, inventory and property, the reputation of this, Li Ning Sports available Some retail outlets (department stores in Beijing and Shanghai within, Lotto sales counters occupy 18).

The completion of the transaction, Li Ning, in addition to its own brand and AIGLE brand (outdoor sports products), its added to an international brand.

Lotto what?

Despite the rather strange people on the lotto, but in reality no matter their history or their influence in the international market, lotto sports apparel are a great giants. Lotto1970 originated in Italy, has been occupying an important position in the football field, its technical content, brand influence and financial power in Europe was no less than other brands.

90 years, lotto enter the Chinese market, but the so-called entry, only rely on the general agent in China - Hong Kong Trading Co., Ltd. Chun-sing all over the country set up agency. No point advertising support, consumers know the products merely point at the end of the POP and sales clerk's recommendation.

1999, China's sports brands like mushrooming, Li Ning, Conway and other brands than foreign brands momentum there is a growing trend, if not timely promotion, lotto will be throw in a runway competition. Thus, in 2000, the Hong Kong Star Trading Co., Ltd. Chun start from Guangzhou to begin lotto promotion of access to communication, like Guangzhou, cut into by the commanding height to capture the market to achieve the purpose of promoting the country.

2, cool look of the market environment reputation and brand image

of accumulation, lotto and other first to step forward compared to foreign brands can not hold a candle. First look at the two giant Nike and Adidas. Nike, with its great depth the strength of various sports fields, in the Guangzhou market share of nearly 37% market share, while large-scale advertising Nike, its brand enjoys popular support. Adidas in Guangzhou more than 10% market share, and, by Adidas Men Soccer, Women's overall sponsorship and invite a number of sports stars as spokesmen from the image, in the minds of the younger generation enjoyed a high word of mouth. Then there is the brand Li Ning, and Conway made the world, as home to these brands, the Guangdong market has always had good results.

View of the above several major brands, have the following characteristics, first of all market stability in the short term is difficult to regret moving its sound market fundamentals, followed by well-known in the young is almost known to everybody, once again is the brand accumulation of substantial assets, they are basically formed their own distinct character.

The lotto in the Chinese mainland market, but difficult. First of all, lotto in the Chinese market, there is no strong support from manufacturers, is a complete distributor Brands. Although beneficial to the agency advertising direct sales of products, but compared with the manufacturers, agents face many brands, assessed to each brand's promotional expenses will be relatively tight; Second, dealers operate a certain brand, only from the perspective of profit, and not from the manufacturers point of view how to long-term planning, strengthen the brand, the brand as long as there is a trace of errors in the operation, dealers will be reduced to avoid the risk of investment; Furthermore, Hong Kong Chun-sing Trading Co., Ltd. Although the choice of Guangzhou as the entry point for promotion, but he does not have a unified brand management and market forecasting ability, can not use more resources to conduct market research, he was more concerned with the ratio between advertising and investment relations will to what extent. The branding on the lotto, my company's ability to market and made strategic use of high demands. It is necessary to achieve satisfactory real-time ad performance, but also strictly control costs in the budget, but customers also want help on their accumulation of brands, like to be in a narrow space for a high-level football. Situation is not optimistic, lotto would like to quickly attract the attention of target groups, only surprise move one way to choose.

3, we firmly believe that Lotto will move the market, but what?

Have not the slightest difficulty does not mean that the opportunityThis is a challenge to the limited resources we use to promote opportunities for international brand ability. Hao-dimensional resonant advertising companies in the investigation and inquiry, it was found to be the promotion of the lotto there is still a lot of advantages and opportunities. From the lotto itself, first, lotto is an internationally renowned brands, from high. Second, lotto and so have Juventus, with a large number of profound influence in China, sponsored by the image of the team and spokesmen, such as Piero, Kovacevic, Andre Agassi and other star-studded figure. Third, lotto product design avant-garde fashion, high technology content. Fourth, compared with Nike's high price has a price advantage.

The advantage of our side is that our consumption patterns, consumer attitudes and behaviors of certainty. Taken together, lotto will have a reason to move the market.

4, strategies for consumers from the exact definition and implementation of the overall master

the increasing homogenization of the current products, and information become increasingly complex, consumers become more diverse age, product advantage and does not determine its market success will depend on the consumer promotion needs. To this end, we conducted a detailed Guangdong consumer surveys and ultimately determine our promotion strategies.

Students as the younger generation of outstanding ethnic, emotional and pragmatic concept of consumption, avant-garde and not stereotypes, accept the new brand name, brand switching probabilities, the idea that open in Guangzhou, seen especially in coastal cities This is the first point. Second, most students pursue individual consumption, in Nike, Adidas campus full of the case to the lotto dark horse would appear to give people unique, avant-garde fashion impression, establish a lotto to fast brand. Third, the brand for high-quality students for much more than a status symbol as simple as that, they hope the brand from my expression, to show the world a fresh and unique individual. Fourth, the community is the main force in the next decade consumer groups, seize their hearts, it means that for the next decade paved the way for brand promotion.



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