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法布雷加斯哈 维伊涅斯塔

dycyt2010-04-18 13:12:21 +0000 #1
What is it with the powerful, if all three transfer case, who's transfer fee will be higher, it should be, after all, young and small law
Voice22222010-04-18 13:28:38 +0000 #2
From the transfer is undoubtedly a white top, wants to take money away Barcelona player, must buy out their contracts. The white of the liquidated damages to 1.5 billion euros. Fabregas back to the Spanish words, whether a move to Real or Barcelona for a fee of not more than 6500W of.
Forward a standard 0072010-04-18 13:17:24 +0000 #3
Small Law higher transfer fee
curved Ai Nana2010-04-18 14:30:56 +0000 #4
Harvey, 29-year-old, now when playing for years, Iniesta 25 years old, not too old, now the German authorities Comment out of the market evaluation price, the price of Xavi Iniesta is also higher than the small laws. Thank you
3813732442010-04-18 14:49:11 +0000 #5
although I also like the small role of Law

look at the club, either Harvey or small law are the core of white people

but not the same team, a small law still young, can play the other two backup

transfer fee should be white or less than Harvey's
nj6648958522010-04-18 13:30:39 +0000 #6
Harvey and white above the small laws. Small law is not about the transfer fee now clear, in white and Harvey see next contract penalty.

Harvey is impossible to walk in, white is not leave. Therefore, this comparison would not be the result!
Milan Zhang Shuai2010-04-18 14:33:45 +0000 #7
The level of transfer fees is not justified!

By common sense, small law younger, should be more investment value!

But Harvey and white are Barcelona's treasure! So if they want to dig and certainly require a large price for!

Therefore, the transfer fee point of view, are similar.
8974590422010-04-18 15:53:07 +0000 #8
Fabregas last season's data is the best, right? Data on all
qinyougen2010-04-18 14:25:21 +0000 #9
2010 年 if the transfer should be the white top. Small law and Harvey should be ok.
Ronnie take Jinxue2010-04-18 15:06:32 +0000 #10
There is no doubt that Fabregas



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