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Italy factions

only buy the Football Lottery2010-04-18 14:10:14 +0000 #1
Serie factions seeking now, which ranks as one group, which team is neutral Thank you

If you know the Premier League, La Liga and the Bundesliga's also troublesome that look Thank you
xjahly2010-04-18 14:25:41 +0000 #2
Serie A

1, Juve factions:


Siena Juventus League teams: Juventus jersey and similar to sponsor a brand, and the relationship between Juventus should be the most iron.

Chievo: Juve were sent to face a few seasons big points, though the relative strength of bad teams, but always one-sided match, the team always sparks Milan Chievo event of full, adequate relationship between Chievo and Juventus teams unusual.

Palermo: Sicily's friendly, an important supplier in the south.

Livorno: the introduction of non-EU players from some of the springboard of view, should also be a trench.

2) a neutral team:

such as Udine, Messina, Reggina, Lecce, these teams basically neutral, at least not the Juve obstacles. 3) opposition team

Florence, Rome, Lazio, Milan planes are irreconcilable is blue brew II? Lt; / p>

2, Milan factions:

AC Milan is relatively neutral, not hostile team Many, Florence, Sampdoria, Roma is their hostile two-team.

Parma: is AC Milan's allies, precarious in Parma when Gilardino, AC Milan bought the masters saved the Parma star.

Inter Milan just a burn team, the relationship between the team above, the operation is not very good, by dealing in Serie A comprehensive strength.

3, the Roman factions:

Rome has always been lenient on the South team.

La Liga and the Bundesliga's faction sorry little brother did not know friends -

but seems to be no specific faction Spanish, at most, the media speculation in the newspapers only,

while the Bundesliga very vague concept of factions, divided Serie A are not so specific.
Search Search cities2010-04-18 14:46:56 +0000 #3
This is something slightly too learned. Mountain can not allow two tigers, so hostile Barcelona and Real Madrid, Manchester United and Liverpool.

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