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We think that what the World Cup of which team is the real Wumianzhiwang?

Tianjin sea and sky merged2010-04-18 14:10:26 +0000 #1
I think that Italy is 90 years!
dahlia19962010-04-18 14:20:05 +0000 #2
the so-called eyes of the beholder wise see wisdom it,

Wumianzhiwang can not say that only one bar.

90 years in Italy really good, I like the old Roman Prince Zanini, also out of a young Roberto Baggio, short-lived Schillaci, a penalty defeat in a little bad luck ah. Vialli is mediocre, did not show league style.

I think 54 years is the World Cup really Wumianzhiwang Hungary, many media says so. Although the age-old, and I did not catch up seen live.

50 years time when the Cold War, the socialist camp and the capitalist camp against a serious socialist countries during this period the team not to be see, as the Soviet Union in the World Cup team are also often subject to unfair treatment. Hungary is a small country, there was a group of talented players (a bit like a golden generation of Portugal 91), as Keqi Shi, Puskas and so on.

Hungary's play is very revolutionary at the time, and had swept across Europe in the World Cup, soccer 6:3,7:1 twice defeated the originator of England, Hungary from June 4, 1950 to 5 : 2 after beating Poland, to June 30, 1954 World Cup semi-finals in a 4-2 victory Uruguay achieved within 4 years of 32 consecutive international games unbeaten performance, the highest in the history of football.

World Cup firepower in Hungary H-5 games into the 27 ball, this is a great World Cup goals record, I read the official documentary on the 1954 World Cup, Hungary's performance can be described as fantastic, both technically and tactically is higher than the other team has the edge. Final, the score overtake Germany to 3:2, the Puskas who has scored 1 goal, but the referee disallowed by, and unfortunately was runner-up.

Wumianzhiwang Hungary reason is that the results are tragic, the outbreak of the Hungarian events of 1956 led to Zhezhi talented team missed the World Series again, talented players Puskas switch to Spanish nationality, doing well at Real Madrid However, in the World Cup is no longer the color performance, while 54-year top scorer head Keqi Shi Jin is miserable, the sick in nursing homes, 79 years suffering from cancer, died after falls.
Laugh round pig2010-04-18 14:34:35 +0000 #3
Wumianzhiwang? ? ? Italy? ? I think the Netherlands has been a very tragic
Zhang Yang Tao2010-04-18 14:48:56 +0000 #4
Back Holland who was the world -

and so on which day the Netherlands all have to get rid of his team grams, he is a champion -
Drift Ideal2010-04-18 15:14:01 +0000 #5
1974 and 1978 the Dutch team Needless to say ... ...



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