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Portugal national football competition of the second half and made China one of the players Marseill

Fengyufan10312010-04-18 15:10:47 +0000 #1
2010 03 04

Soccer Team Portugal's second half game players in China have made Marseille turn!

Which players are?
shuki20052010-04-18 15:24:37 +0000 #2
Zhao Xuri
Shipu white cut meat surface2010-04-18 15:21:53 +0000 #3
Li Yi the Great
Jinan Shell Lubricants2010-04-18 15:22:22 +0000 #4
Soccer Team VS Portugal

DENVER March 4th morning, the Chinese team in Coimbra with the world Expand crack Portugal friendly match Portugal holds obvious advantages, especially in the first half repeated a threat to Leipzig Chinese goalkeeper Zhang Lu several times to resolve outstanding insurance Qiu, the first 35 minutes, Portugal Li Yong fast-break opportunity to become C - Luo assists Almeida break; after the Chinese Team can not form an effective counterattack, the audience again broke into injury time Portugal and eventually defeated the Chinese team 0-2.

The world number five of the Portuguese World Cup in South Africa, and North Korea in the same group, this field is clearly warming up to the Chinese team as "imaginary", C-Lo, Nani and Simao and other players all start. Chinese team just won the 东亚四强赛 title, this war Zheng Zhi, Shao Jiayi and other overseas players rejoin and issued the first field, Hao Junmin on the bench. 2002 World Cup, the Chinese team and the Portuguese have had warm-up, then lost 0-2.

Opening rapidly after the fast-paced confrontation between the two sides, C-Lo for the first time the ball fell to the ground by Cao Yang tackle that. The first 3 minutes, the Chinese team before the transfer market with the formation of the left, Rong Hao ball cut into the closed area of Portugal, Nani off the ball quickly back to catch the next. Chinese team again in the right biography, Gao Lin in the restricted area trying to barb Gongmen not marked. 6 minutes, Ronaldo left outside after all get rid of Cao Yang Xiadizhuanzhong, collusion after the point of Bennani volley hit the shoulder stop the ball high. With C-Lo on the left he missed a free kick Gongmen, Portugal launched continuous attacks, the Chinese team defense after another foul sidewalk, teenager Zhang Lin Peng great hardness to the C-Lo kicking down the first 10 minutes free kick pass in the left side of Portugal Chinese team in the restricted area in the form header Leipzig Zhang Lu ball confiscated.

Consecutive defensive of the Chinese team in the formation of right-sided 12-minute counter-attack, Qu Bo Gong Men he missed the side line. With the game in-depth technical advantages of Portugal reflects a clear, C-Lo has symbolic and knock the ball change heel line, Nani is also quick in cutting; the Chinese team returned there could not find a counter-Rong Hao dribbling the ball spots. The first 18 minutes the Portuguese a threat to attack, Duda pass in the left side of the Chinese team into the restricted area, the former point Almeida Fast shakes Leipzig Zhang Lu flying the ball saved the bottom line. Corner in a row after impact, Portugal in the first 21 minutes again, of the left low-pass, C-Lo closed by Zhang Lu Zhong Tong She saved a single punch; a short pass after the Portuguese left in the destruction of another attack by Zhang Lu, Nani peripheral She Kongmen grab when playing high. S the first 26 minutes left in the sea before the market break through tackles by Ferreira destruction thrown into the Chinese team quickly pass out of bounds, but directly to many of Portugal's goalkeeper Aide Wa. The first 30 minutes, C-Lo instigated the offensive end, under the right side, headed up West Mountain Road was closed Zhang Lu Cepu he denied. 34 minutes, the Chinese team left the Portuguese transmission line of defense was destroyed Chudi Xian Rong Hao tactics in another corner kick pass from the top opponents, Portugal on the potential launch quick counter and get goals - C-Lo Zuobian Lu disease into low and flat after passing the ball, the Almeida face the fire broke Zhang Lu, Portugal 1-0 lead.

Portugal after obtaining goals remain strong offensive, the Chinese team opportunities hard to attack before the pressure of the formation of the first 37 minutes of Portugal Road-right position of the Chinese team a free kick hit the crossbar on Gongmen along the pop-up; 1 minute left after the C-Lo low drive saved by Zhang Lu bottom line. 43 minutes, the Portuguese rapidly penetrate the restricted area has formed an offensive, Nani Gongmen longer be Zhang Lu Dangxia.

After the Portuguese side will be easy to include the C-Lo, including five starting replaced the Chinese team also have replaced Zhao Xuri, Jiang Ning and Hao Junmin appearance. Pressure and scraping before the Chinese team effort than the first half increased, but the attack still lacks an effective organization, it is difficult to put real pressure on opponents. Portugal is also slightly slower pace attack, even to the main point. The two sides during a long stalemate, both sides of the road on several occasions the Portuguese were Zhang Lu Chuan in control of the placement.

61 minutes, the Chinese team played in the Portuguese league appearance teenager Wang Gang dispatch. The first 66 minutes, the right side of the formation of Xiadichuanzhong Portugal, not far from Dewey Disembarrassing header, Mudiniao the penalty area and hit the column Gongmen. After 1 minute, Wang Gang drove into the restricted area on the left Portugal, a significant spike in the time change to the contacts with Rolando fell to the ground, the referee determined diving Wang Gang, Wang Gang objection to have produced a yellow card. Gang playing live frequently this big-screen breakthrough. From the slow motion replay of view, Wang Gang's breakthrough action more firmly, Rolando does have some extend the leg movements. After the Chinese team will also be another effect in the Portuguese league appearance teenager Zhang Chengdong dispatch.

Zhang Chengdong played there shortly before the field of scraping foul, the Chinese team before the field is still a lack of effective coordination; Portugal offensive concise than the first half, many, several external Gongmen not a threat. 78 minutes, the Chinese team left the formation of the first field equal number of opportunities to counterattack, but the lack of understanding missed opportunities. 81 minutes, Ferreira on the left after the curve inscribed ball Gongmen play high. The first 85 minutes, the Chinese team right-sided Xiadichuanzhong, Kang Ning Road quickly followed up when the Qiangdian intense contacts with the defensive player fell to the ground, after the point with the follow-up header Yaw Wang Gang seems like radio transmission between the he missed the ball. Jiang Ning indicate fouled, the referee did not notice.

89 minutes, Jiang Ning games left before the smash attack out of goal after he missed the far corner. 4 minutes stoppage time at the last minute, Portugal, the top left corner is a restricted Liu industry, Mudiniao peripheral volley ball ying Leipzig ball hit his body slightly in front of the line after Liede Song, rally crashed into a Chinese team goal, Portugal at the last minute expansion of the score, the final 2-0 victory over the Chinese team.

Chinese team Lineup:, 22 - Zhang Lu; 20 - Wing Hao (72 minutes, 58 - Ho Young), 2 - Dewey, 31 - Wang Qiang, 6 - Cao Yang (25 - Liu industry); 45 - Zhang Lin Peng, 16 - Zheng Chile (73 minutes, 15 - Zhang Chengdong); 21 - at Sea (51 minutes, 9 - Hao Junmin), 47 - Shao Jiayi (46 minutes, 39 - Zhao Xuri), 11 - Qu Bo (61 minutes, 18 - Wang Gang); 17 - Gao Lin (46 minutes, 19 - Jiang Ning)

Portugal Lineup: 1 - Ai Dewa more (46 minutes, 12 - Elorio); 5 - Duda (46 minutes, 13 - Miguel) , 2 - Bruno - Alves (62 minutes, 45 - berrera), 4 - Rolando, 3 - Ferreira; 11 - Nani, 8 - Tiago (18 - Liede Song), 6 - Meireleis, 10 - West Mount (15 - Mendes) ,7-C-Lo (46 minutes, 16 - Mudiniao); 9 - Almeida



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