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The former Real Madrid player Gravesen

Linjh1102010-04-18 15:11:05 +0000 #1
now what effect?
no culture so terrible?2010-04-18 15:16:23 +0000 #2
Gravesen in the summer of 2008 and the Celtics have been unemployed after the cancellation state

9 January 2009, announced his retirement last year, a

I answered this question question/87480164.html? si = 1 issue links
Blue degrees2010-04-18 15:26:17 +0000 #3
Gravesen fame in the English Premier League Everton, Real Madrid signed him was inexplicable, but show little opportunity for play, though occasionally play, has performed unsatisfactory, the transfer to the Scottish Premier League after the resignation crack the Celtics, but still not anything outstanding performance, in 2008 the official Zao Kaierteren abandoned and become a free body, is in fact a laid off in 2009, has not found Greenery post, announced his retirement resignation.



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