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442 tactical Xiang Jie, satisfactory and full marks! !

Chi-hyun _ fear2010-04-18 17:10:46 +0000 #1
Football League school organization, our class would like to use 442, but the players are not very high quality, do not know what tactics, please specify the best ..

1 with Fig. Should double waist or diamond midfield?

2. Within the team has basically decided to wing break, with the permeability of the ground-based short pass, find the specific tactics. 3. If the team is to suppress what tactics should be used (for 442's).

4. How will the right guard and offensive post moves? 5. There is a week from the start of the race, how should exercise tactics?

PS: hope or a defensive, after all, team is not strong ..

Score is not a problem, if in the next month for our guidance and tactics, cleared integration is possible! !
fcliwm2010-04-18 17:25:55 +0000 #2
do not know what you people, if possible, preferably on-site guidance. QQ voice can be. QQ791953770

1, if strength is weak, or so-called double-waist better. In fact, only a double waist saying, almost no team is to use double-waist, and by location in terms of a midfield MC, unless the team especially the weak, not with two lower back, that DMC's. The Double waist is a defensive one to help organize the attack. The accuracy of such tactics, it is called parallel stations 442. If the team has a strong midfield offensive capability, you can also consider diamond stations. Example is a respectable figure for Hull City, because of the ability of the prominent Giovanni, it is generally diamond in the home station, but the road re-use of parallel stations or pairs of lower back, so to get more at home score, the road could get sort of get sort of, can be considered more accurate idea relegation.

2, in fact, the best penetration Road sidewalk break formation is Barcelona Chelsea make light of 41 221 between 433 and 451 formation. If it is 442 parallel to the station, ask for a defensive team, and strive to keep a clean sheet, the two wingers to have a certain penetration capabilities, ability to pass stronger border guard, faster. Strikers to see your team on the circumstances, in general, to break through the main wing of the team, there should be a high-center the cover and fight as a header, but also with a strong scoring striker. Go-between midfield organizer to do the work, preferably with some long-range foundation. 3, if the team encountered a strong enemy, first of all not to panic, to the main key players within the team, and slowly getting the chance to fight back. There will be another strong team loophole to seize the enemy's weakness, opportunistic attack. In defense mountain, can help in the back side or lower back pegged back each other's best players, so that relatively poor side of the offensive side of avant-garde retreat to help defend. Forward more to the side of Cohesion can retreat. 4, the defensive backs are two cases. If the other side winger, such as Barcelona's Lionel Messi, then we should firmly stick to the back side of the other winger. If the person winger, only the edge avant-garde, then back to just the offensive side, if the technology is better, you can take to attract defense within the cut, or direct scoring method. If you pass more remarkable, then Xiadichuanzhong or 45 - Mass of better. 5, the school should be a learning-based, after all, we can be more than a dozen play together. Best way to get a few teams playing games. Technology is unlikely to improve, and more than doing something with the physical is a good way to improve. As for tactics, can be playing attack and defense, positioning the ball to do a drill to do, or small group practice sessions can be. Professional teams also probably like tactical training.

In fact, although 442 such tactics very well balanced, but because of vertical and horizontal 30 years, can easily be targeted. Weak teams is best to use Jin Zhiyang of 532, the effect will be better.
Laugh round pig2010-04-18 17:34:28 +0000 #3
If you hit a defensive wing attack it
sishenzhixing2010-04-18 17:37:16 +0000 #4
that is the detail that you or no professional player stations and running awareness tactical formations so no real meaning to you. Technology is not very high then you have 5 players back. Centralized station to the balls kicked in front. Kick the ball. Ensure that the goal of the least dangerous. Then find three good points in the middle of technology. . 2 striker. . This will see your luck. . We are on the high-class playing one when we have Middle School Drainage. . Otherwise they really do not score ah -
※ Tracy2010-04-18 17:50:33 +0000 #5
Football 442 team tactical

is the emission of four defenders, four midfielders, two forwards in the lineup

442 formation of the biggest advantages is that Gongshoupingheng, 90 in the 20th century BC used by most coaches. then only Germany (with 352) and a few other teams in other lineup.

442 lineup, in midfield, there are two changes: the parallel diamond midfield and midfield (as England).

parallel to the station, when in the defensive formation is more favorable (usually by double waist), but convergence on the middle market is not close enough, two forwards on the need for one to pull back the ball, the ball character ( SS).

diamond stations (ie the left avant-garde and the former defensive midfielder), more layered,, Road offensive power of the stronger than a lot of parallel stations. The so-called Road break, fly with both wings. But the defense between the hours before the lumbar empty when a weak link. assists while midfielder too, retreated, taking into account the closing down of two wings, and physical requirements of the individual is indeed pricey.

Now the football game, offense and defense conversion faster and more respect for the overall tactical coordination, focus more on team sports combat capability.

apparently 352 lineup to better meet the needs of current football development, it has gradually replaced the dominance of 442, and along with the specific needs of the team, the evolution of the 3412, 3421,31321 other lineup, and gradually carried forward.
Troubleshooters 09182010-04-18 18:08:13 +0000 #6
1. If there is strong passing ability with diamond midfield, or double-waist

2. ground penetration short pass with the most important thing is to post moves must be frequently positive, team-mate holding the ball, whether or not to see you have to run empty when positive, very high demands on the physical

3. all the best and defending, you can also leave a winger +1 Offensive other players a comprehensive recovery, not as much as possible before the market closing down, people around the closed area to the big rush

4. the offensive right side of the main and frequent transposition avant-garde, preferably well before the exchange

5. This is not professional, and after all only watch the stars flying ......
902010-04-18 18:30:53 +0000 #7

I do not with a plan. Talk to you. If you find it unclear. I rushed M. I am a college captain. Understand about the basic things

1. You should kick the big field. 11V11's. If your class fitness is not good. Recommended fan stations. Three at the back. Find a sharp point in front like. To 2. Play big games do not recommend monotonous wing. Is useless. Generally, we play the wing more than a small field. Full-scale attack on a large field. La defense. Can start sidewalk transition. And then to plug the middle of a small ball. Create opportunities. 3. If the team were the only defenses of repression. Since the others are suppressed. Most certainly had a right half. This time I said earlier, that required sharp in front. Have the opportunity to fight back directly to him. Of course. The player must have strength. 4. Great field to play defense right back mainly good. Large field if the offensive more physically demanding too high. Well, as long as the anti-plug in under the bottom and clear. The backs are fine. Attack to midfield on the line. 5. Personally think that the recent multi-play play. Then practice your long-distance pass. Multi-pass pass 跑跑.

I think the concrete and I whisper you or better. The say.



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