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Lippi to Bonera recruited into the national team has?

Shovel people do not tackle2010-04-18 19:10:20 +0000 #1
Against Cameroon, I seem to see Bonera sit on the bench. . . Is him?
dahlia19962010-04-18 19:18:34 +0000 #2
Yes, the Italian national team because there are several main injuries, such as Buffon, Gilardino, etc., Lippi recruited into a lot of new people, and more is to investigate the role of it, as goalkeeper Sirigu (Palermo), 后卫博努奇 (Bari), midfielder kossou (Cagliari) is the first time national team.

Bonera in the wounds heal, the defense performed well in Milan, Alessandro Nesta and Tiago Silva is a good rotation. Therefore, national team.



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