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Soccer goalkeeper of the rules on the question to ask to ask! !

123buhg2010-04-18 20:12:14 +0000 #1
1. I heard the goalkeeper in the restricted area protected, that goalkeeper inside the restricted area and the other players in the occurrence of physical impact, priority should be given help fine goalkeeper. Is not it?

2. Example: flying into the air and protects restricted to fly is in the restricted area of the other players, the players and so the ball did not move completely. Goalkeeper leaping high to catch the body tend to the player, goalkeeper stomach on the shoulders of the players collided. Note that the player so the ball did not move completely. The player can be sentenced to crash goalkeeper foul?
1744581892010-04-18 20:26:42 +0000 #2
1: not absolute, it depends on the two sides clash with the control of the ball to 2: no foul! ! Goalkeepers have absolute control of the ball, the other players did not deliberately crash, a reasonable crash
4353611792010-04-18 20:18:44 +0000 #3
1 is 2 to
ring85112010-04-18 20:50:14 +0000 #4



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