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High score - on the Spanish midfielder, the most luxurious?

jeanai2010-04-18 23:11:53 +0000 #1
1, the present configuration is not the Spain midfielder's midfielder configure the most luxurious?

2, about 哈维埃尔南 Hernandez, Iniesta , Xavi Alonso, Cesc Fabregas, the four individual abilities and strengths.

3, do you think of the capacity of 4 sort?
amdsxtony2010-04-18 23:15:44 +0000 #2
1 person with a luxurious feel a little more than describe the football team worth taste, but personally feel the Spanish midfielder is now the most scientific in recent years, one of the most balanced midfield lineup. Spain's midfield is now building around two people, Harvey and the Seine, the role of Harvey Needless to say, are rotten people say, a word with too - the "brain." Senna of Spain's midfield is a revolutionary, former Spain midfielder was too artistic, soft style has been criticized, the emergence of the Seine makes Spain quite the waist up, from the Spanish central defender no longer need to face rivals The bombing, the current role of the Seine, as Real Madrid's Claude Makelele then, seemingly insignificant, but it is absolutely essential to the core.

2 Harvey's specialty is the cause of the open, cool-headed, precise passing and the grasp of the game, the field is a standard core. The initial development path similar to the white Harvey, but Harvey was in, so players like Deco, under pressure from white style changes, and more close to the sidewalk, more time to break the main, but white passing ability, just as much as Harvey, but Barcelona and Spain only need a heart, but white can not just replace Harvey. Alonso's style is similar to Senna and Xavi fall between moderate type, an attack from him to the Liverpool midfielder will become the core organization will be able to see Benitez sure of his offensive ability, his defensive ability Under the Premier League's temper also become increasingly tough. Little France is not only the type of health Yu He Shengliang, in fact, the ability of small law in no way inferior to white, in flee England, a small role in Arsenal, Barcelona and the role of Harvey in substantially similar, but the former small law insert was more than Harvey, which Arsenal striker has a great relationship weak. 3 Harvey white or small Faalongsuo
_ Heroes in2010-04-18 23:36:20 +0000 #3
Harvey. Barcelona and Spain, the commander of the ball where to go .. he said .. mainly on where to take the ball .. example: 08 European Cup final, a small trust that the ball mass.

white. are dribbling well. plus a short pass accuracy, example: 08 Euro, Spain VS Russia.

Fabregas. belong Kit 8. Lan 8. This type of bar .. type attack Frontal + assists.

Alonso. Liverpool last season, his greatest contribution, and Harvey of the same type ...

I am not a Barca, Arsenal fans .. I hate these two teams ..

but I love Spain.! If you read 08 Spain's European Cup .. all games will be more in-depth understanding, Iniesta, Xavi .. 2 ..

it in my heart they did not order ..
fear of urban management of small vendors2010-04-19 00:08:53 +0000 #4
Spain midfield after missing a hard- waist, Senna's status as 06-08 years, well, then

is la masilla nurtured Harvey 4, a typical post playmaker, is to build a little lose

Alonso practiced in the Premiership is the world's rare after length of the mass accuracy is superb midfield

Iniesta is also Anzhuo la masilla 4, the initial template for training, but now some are Nerishige winger, and often break in the task of dribbling, passing accuracy surpasses General winger

Fabregas is much better English MC, Gongshoupingheng, but the current system in Spain is destined to play in soy sauce
gsgs30742010-04-19 00:24:13 +0000 #5
only to answer your third question, Harvey> white> Small Act "A Alonso..



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