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Dunga abandoned Ronaldinho is right or wrong?

zhenxuan19832010-04-19 00:12:15 +0000 #1
Well-known 4 years once the World Cup will be started this year on June 11, I have been a fan of samba, Brazil's soccer team has been since the years following Deng plus any time, the first on Sept. 3, 2006 3 friendly to 0 victory over Argentina, Kaka played a long-range attacks. Then there was the 2007 Americas Cup, Robinho by handedly led his team to the final championship. Entered Brazil in 2009 under the leadership of Dunga more out of control, friendly 2 to 0 victory over Italy, 6 to 2 victory over Portugal, World Cup qualifiers again, 3 to 0 victory over Argentina, and received the first World Cup qualifier, Confederations Cup with victory over Italy again and win the Fed Cup, followed by friendlies against England, can be called aggressive. However, behind this impressive record, only one team was from drift away, he is Ronaldinho. April 2, 2009 qualifier, Brazil and Peru, Ronaldinho came off the bench, but since that game is it since after the Ronaldinho Dunga enrolled. Ronaldinho in AC Milan return to the current peak, and obtained the title of king of assists, has returned to Ronaldinho during Barcelona. But Dunga has as yet do not look in the eyes, the last in the major media inquiry under Dunga simply said: "Do not mention Ronaldinho, who is not me with no final say, but I still go to my Road. In 2009, Dunga's tactics has matured: The Kaka, Robinho also Fabiano counterattack tactics, numerous examples of success, coupled with Ni Erma this Brazilian newcomer to join, and Maicon , Merlot, Lucio, Luisao, Cesar structure of these people had probably the most powerful in the history of Brazilian football defense, and to determine the 4312 anti-war after the rapid, firm to Kaka as the core team, to avoid congestion caused by internal friction star, this Brazil team Gongshoupingheng, thinking, discipline, tactical team and run-mature, the largest global wind characteristics are not magnificent but do not make mistakes, almost all the conditions with the cup. But if there may Ronaldinho be counterproductive, because his style did not fit the ball only Brazil Dunga, Ronaldinho and Kaka can not coexist is the only Brazilian team has a problem, Dunga stressed the organization and discipline, and the demand for quick counter attacking Ronaldinho came to his speed, will drag the team, any more than his feet Law gorgeous, how many assists can not integrate into Dunga's Brazil team, Dunga, I think Ronaldinho is right to give up. is wise for move. I do not know how the look at this issue. all to express their views it!

wskonnan2010-04-19 00:26:21 +0000 #2
Brazil from the current view, do not really need Ronaldinho and Ronaldinho not young . As of right and wrong, the World Cup after their own conclusions.
♂ kaka ♀2010-04-19 00:48:39 +0000 #3
Ronaldinho not suited to this play in Brazil, went to be only a substitute. but always good to bring, more than one kind of changes in case.
Blue degree2010-04-19 01:19:05 +0000 #4
to the current state of Ronaldinho, the World Cup without Brazil's Ronaldinho of Brazil is not doomed to trick the fans the entertainment corps, dedication for the fans several trick.

Brazil now The midfield, Kaka despite the recent state of brave, but we obviously can look out of state far from the year Kaka AC Milan's brilliant when,

with the age of growth and the increase in injuries, Kaka has been very difficult to reproduce long-range attacks that year, and

this time need the help of Ronaldinho.

It is true that Ronaldinho was slow, while the total feeling of scraping the floor is not positive enough,

but Beckham's presence allowed us to recognize a problem, you did not run fast again pass to the quick.

and superb ball is Ronaldinho's good stunts, this card can only hold a candle to the.

Throughout Brazil, the current lineup is far to reach the best, most lineup. Maicon, Merlot and Louison is not the best person to the appropriate location, and everyone look at other people's performance?
retaining the ball to Thierry Henry2010-04-19 01:45:56 +0000 #5
is obviously wrong
FerrariBin2010-04-19 00:58:18 +0000 #6
Dunga narrow-minded, former Ronaldinho opponent team, Ronaldinho in a game severely humiliated him a bit and let Dunga lost face, then Dunga hold a grudge



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