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Development of military significance of a large aircraft carrier construction is not more than

885963122010-04-19 01:11:35 +0000 #1

sutao_cn2010-04-19 01:23:44 +0000 #2
no. The significance of building aircraft carriers much larger than the largest aircraft development (including the large military aircraft.

Carrier is the meaning of war is to push the enemy cluster Pro shore, in modern information warfare, decisive. Aircraft carrier battle groups to establish, can greatly enhance the long-range large-scale force projection. completion of the major surgical and fly routine or conventional war.

large aircraft is bigger, and can not have aircraft carriers, carrying capacity, can not play a decisive role in large-scale offshore war. and large aircraft long-range operational life, low combat radius is small, is greatly dependent on the base.

a military power in today's world, you can not big planes, but not no aircraft carriers, especially nuclear-powered aircraft carrier.

no aircraft carriers, as Sanda athletes only punches, no kicks!



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