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Italian fans have come to see

The other side of the Ordos2010-04-19 02:11:52 +0000 #1
Platini a change, state why, in black Italian? Premier League Teams met every year. Yesterday, when Manchester United beat Milan Milan black, then Black and Purple Lily this morning! Juve Are people when he mistreats him? How could such a person!
hard named Ah2010-04-19 02:20:36 +0000 #2
Yesterday Milan lose and nothing to do with it judges it is itself to blame the other side I see the first half, stuck the ball right-stump flying out of no less than three are all good opportunity for Huntelaar The generation does not play into it do not blame the referee Paul Scholes was the opposite foot so-called "shot" fully demonstrated the Premiership table tennis athletes in the technology and Goushi Yun ..

Florence today and it did lose some relationships, but this referee Serie A referee on the team has always been the case the last time that Henin law enforcement to participate in the competition with Serie A and Serie A team AC Milan winning the it was 1 to 0 win and the Celtics are the person that law enforcement in the Champions League in the Serie A team to win only one other then the 2 other times, including once in Rome Lazio You Wenguo Mi Sangpu this time added the AC Milan, Rome and Florence have also have an Italian team lost ... I do not know what the status of the eyes ..
00totti002010-04-19 02:22:25 +0000 #3
is black

Milan should win Qianchangduanqiu several times were abnormal results of van der Sar blocked lucky ball in the standing foot bomb Scholes scored the door halo
Please call me sweep floors2010-04-19 02:34:37 +0000 #4
evidence. This is the key.

However, with the evidence, we do?

I remember when the World Cup in France, a French police officers were killed the football hooligans. Many people have suspected that Italian dry, but this time, Michel Platini, categorically denied. "I was Juventus for many years, Italian football is about. Will not be them."

Milan game, I see the whole field. Very sad, I watch 15 years of the most uncomfortable one, even more than 1 in 6 Milan Juventus and Inter Milan 0 to 4 games.

For this game, I think all soldiers should be addressed to Milan Ronaldinho to say sorry. He showed a great player should have the strength and character, unworthy of Ronaldinho, unworthy of the glorious history of Milan. In particular, ought to review Leonardo, Seedorf and Inzaghi should start playing.

Baggio and Ronaldinho's penalty is different, Baggio is after a successful transmission in steals, offensive intentions very clear, and hit the lower right arm of the Chilean team. Ronaldinho is being double-teamed, he has tried his best to each other's arms and figures do not move, is a sub-contracting from time penalty.

Leo Ronaldinho breakthrough ball, the ball position is a standard + yellow card.

As for the Viola. It was a blatant deliberate in broad daylight Missing. If I were the police, I will intervene.

Serie A to make greater achievements, we need more Baggio, Paolo Maldini who Vieri to stand up.

My heart than any pain the Chinese people.

I'm Italian national team, the Italian league, AC Milan and Roberto Baggio's most loyal fans.
Ray7963212010-04-19 03:00:24 +0000 #5
referee absolute bias, and several foul on Ronaldinho's no wind, people who are against Manchester United Ronaldinho's feet to



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