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Why the level of the current Serie A so low?

Ohoh0002010-04-19 04:10:15 +0000 #1
Premier League round each year with the Champions League is dry, this year will once again annihilated?
Liu fool2010-04-19 04:22:30 +0000 #2
I like Serie A, and I was Milan fans.

However, as with his Italian system, but has become increasingly downhill. Is now smaller than the Premiership and the Spanish had. Serie A Team Management have problems, far less than the Premiership and the Spanish. Juve did not downgrade to earnings before the club, it was only with Milan, Juve had very little giants such profits. Take a look now before the 7 sisters left Milan and Juventus duo of (if not demoted Juventus) other like Parma, Lazio, Florence, Rome and so on by financial problems slow the decline.

On the hardware facilities of the Premier League is undoubtedly the best, with their own professional course. The Serie A stadium is leased to the government team. Bundesliga best broadcast technology.

English Premier League and the Spanish star similar to the whole may be better Premiership. But the Spanish superstar may be a little more, mainly Madrid and Barcelona lineup.

For Referees say this is too bad, there is one thing that the Premier League referees are more lenient sentence of.
MYSOLSKJEAR2010-04-19 04:17:18 +0000 #3
yes ah!
坎特诺斯基2010-04-19 05:20:50 +0000 #4
gambling with nearly Ultra
1831723172010-04-19 05:08:00 +0000 #5
as Serie A's poorest, and no money to buy a star, after being poached big, no way to make money without star team, and after selling players, short of malignant cycle of the ...

Oh, and now even behind Serie A Bundesliga the ...
00totti002010-04-19 04:33:03 +0000 #6
as Milan and Juventus are the only Serie A giants and the two of them absolutely telephone door hit the
JOEYQIAO2010-04-19 06:09:47 +0000 #7
Actually, just look at the two a league of grass will know, England's turf is absolutely beautiful, I feel like Serie A to the vegetable. Italy, the country itself is the attraction of foreign investment capital, poor, less than the United Kingdom, the United Kingdom in foreign capital, such as Abu Mansour Emirates and other funding, the more money, more of the television fee. However, many clubs in England such as Manchester United heavily in debt, but also dare to spend money on loans, and this cry from the two countries has a certain relationship between banking supervision system.

And personal feelings, the development of modern football and British football philosophy approaches, it is a fast attack and defense conversion and intense physical confrontation, this is Serie A few possess. So you can see, this Premier League Manchester United team was Everton technology flows child food. Now watch the so-called Barcelona-style kicking of highly experienced English football is also a disadvantage, Chelsea, Barcelona see classic examples of a war. The characteristics of Italian football had retired as the gradual loss of veterans, another Serie A club owners are all dictators, such as Thumper, Reggina are all conceit of the club owner, Massimo Moratti has played with Mourinho dispute. English Premier League is not, the club owner rarely interfere in team sports level, of course, is a special case of Abu-bent on signing Shevchenko. . .
Please call me sweep floors2010-04-19 05:55:07 +0000 #8
major environmental decisions of the Serie decline. First, the high tax rate Serie limit the number of middle team development. The second is corruption in Italian football is also very serious. While the Italian Football Federation in fact there is not much right.

There is a referee and the media. In addition to bald referee, looks like we have seen are basically technology is comparable to the black water, Chelsea lost the Champions horning the referee. Serie emphasis on tactics and many of the media are utterly devoid of conscience, such as Turin sports daily, is too partial to the phenomenon of serious blame for the coaches and players too, have eaten away the growth environment. So to speak, if you do not change the current environment, Serie want to return to the first league, simply talking nonsense.



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