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China has been the most successful professional football player who is?

happy if Cheong2010-04-19 05:10:19 +0000 #1
We discuss, since the Chinese occupation of the most successful players are?

Give you several options

Hao Haidong, Sun Jihai, Zheng Zhi, Yang Chen, Fan Zhiyi ... ...
wskonnan2010-04-19 05:18:42 +0000 #2
Sun Jihai (personal opinion)

PS: he was invincible in Manchester during the closure, is still a much-told story.
Itinerant SUBOR2010-04-19 05:47:22 +0000 #3
I think Hao Haidong, because as a forward player, compared to defender, midfielder goals should, therefore the stronger eye. Yang Chen is also a striker, but always feel so little difference.
To_ insomnia2010-04-19 06:05:54 +0000 #4
Hao Haidong. Asia striker once. Sun Jihai is the Liuyang the first person it should be.
Bishoposcar1992010-04-19 06:11:48 +0000 #5
I also think it is a simple reason for Hao Haidong

1, the most successful striker (both teams in the August 1, Dalian, team or national team) to 2, benefit from professional events, move to Dalian from August 1 to 3 , to benefit from professional events, you can move from domestic to foreign countries to 4, participated in the World Cup, Asian Games, Asian Cup, Olympic qualifiers, the Asian Champions League. . .
7829314272010-04-19 07:15:52 +0000 #6
Hao Haidong ... Li Weifeng



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