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Which is only World Cup winning team has to be

Xiangxi Odyssey Xiangxi2010-04-19 06:10:54 +0000 #1
Which is only World Cup team has the potential to win, you optimistic about what the team
Fly submerged earth2010-04-19 06:22:14 +0000 #2
This problem is hard to say! We are now a handful of strong teams to analyze the next!

Brazilian team!

Brazilian team is now more focus on results, kicking more Europe, defense of Lucio in the middle of Mello, the former field Fabiano is the best example, while Samba corps compared to the previous, more emphasis on defense, the team personnel structure is very good, although not as large Romanian top striker, but is definitely the big favorite. And to do two years of record sleeve and Zhuangtaiqijia, they played to many useful soccer team be terrified!


Spain matures, the ball of the play is very pleasing, if the game into their rhythm, you want to win the Spanish hard. If you do a better job on defense, the possibility of Spain's World Cup aspirations to as large as Brazil.

And Spain almost two years of record even better than in Brazil, they are only in the Confederations Cup last year, upset the United States had missed, the other is basically division victory! Therefore, its strength is very strong, we should see is now the Spanish national team li talents, what location has a world-class competitors, so its ambitions and the odds to win without saying clearly.

England team!

England's coach Fabio Capello, the progress is very big, strong teams, but has not been tested, many variable factors, and England has always been hot to death. And now the question is the front line there is a big problem, apart from Wayne Rooney and reliable, the other forwards are hard to convince, so it appears promising, but it is worth considering how far it can go! Although Capello has successfully teach the club experience, but especially for the national team's World Cup races this its resilience and ability to coach groups or open to question.


Italian players on the last few years a bit lean, but Lippi deep skill, can often bring good result, as evidenced by the last session. But still very difficult to want to defend. But the thin dead camel than Martha believe Apennine peninsula soccer players have a natural gene, their future with us wait and see!


But that road to South Africa, Argentina, but a wave of the discount, they still stumbled to go to South Africa, although I personally do not optimistic about the level of nag's led, but Argentina never short of talent on the pitch, although Messi in the country team level is not satisfactory, but we have reason to believe that a good state of Argentina is also overwhelming as 06 World Cup as Serbia and Montenegro 6-0 sweep. We can be looking forward to!

I personally consider the World Cup should South Africa from Brazil, Spain, England and Argentina, which produced four teams, France, sunset no better than the year Zinedine Zidane before the French team very difficult to roll the dice, and Although the German car every contest is quite stable characteristics, but it is not mature enough hope to go far worthy of consideration, Portugal Although C Lo such a world top striker in, but thanks to the power of one person in the World Cup is far from not enough; and traditional powers the Netherlands now, we must have seen its previous figure Suoyi not much chance of winning, other Dui we hardly believe they had been upset because the World Cup not the European cup of Greek mythology was not a what game they can imagine the occasional cold, but they did not have that strength of the cold go!
Fengan_20082010-04-19 06:49:39 +0000 #3
most popular in Spain and Brazil

no explanation
justasever2010-04-19 06:28:49 +0000 #4
Brazil and Spain
exterminate borrow Chih Cheng2010-04-19 06:29:20 +0000 #5
German steel tanks. . .



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