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Why do not you agree with the French and Irish re-match?

Starry Light2010-01-17 22:01:15 +0000 #1

Manchester United Kingdom2010-01-17 22:03:55 +0000 #2
Beijing November 20, FIFA's official website announced that the Irish Football Association rejected the demands and the French team replay of the appeal. FIFA said in a statement, because the relevant FIFA regulations, the referee made the decision in the game can not be changed after the game, so the game scores and results can not be changed the game can not be restarted.

The day before yesterday morning, the French striker Thierry Henry in overtime Gallas handball goal assists to help the French team beat the Irish team into the World Cup.

FIFA's replay history, the existence of precedent. The summer of 2005 in Germany World Cup qualifying playoff first round of Asian competition, Uzbekistan 1 to 0 lead at home in Bahrain when it was a penalty, kick the ball fine team goal the door, but the referee Toshimitsu Yoshida has Wu Dui players that early into the restricted opening goal. At this time the penalty should be allowed to Wu Dui heavy fines, but the referee's penalty not only deprives Wu Dui, but also gave Bahrain a free kick. Ukraine Football Association filed the complaint after the game to require contractors Wudui 3-0 victory. FIFA rejected the complaint made to replay decision. A month later, the two sides first leg tie the two sides, the second leg of Uzbekistan held a small ball, West Side Story the World Cup.

When the FIFA officials, when asked about this case, he said: "These two cases are not the same, Uzbekistan and Bahrain battle, referees saw fouls in the whole process, not to make the right penalty. "



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