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Gao Hongbo Why not call ABA TEACHERS COLLEGE

happy one farmer2010-04-25 06:09:16 +0000 #1

Bu Special Dora Geno2010-04-25 06:13:12 +0000 #2
Gao Hongbo is a football genius, is exactly a poem: Wizards, and strange to use, large Zhicheng great merit, but hate the dust years, no one know a hero.

Gao Hongbo in the number of international competitions, did not leave a distinctive mark, in addition to the 1985 World Youth Championship Yong broken Uruguay and England both served to show their talents, the high-heroes of the "no ABA TEACHERS COLLEGE" Few in the continental competitions Po Kong out. However, we can still remember the name of the Cruel killer to prove that the few shots, left people with deep impression.

Gao Hongbo and peak, which is very similar to a combination of both, but they left the country Anhui Huang times beholder. To work from Xiannongtan body, two sharp high incomparably superior preposterous figure, double high pick to open the sword do not know how many rival's throat. Even after opponents blocked throat, convinced, or even convincing. And even the opponents throat after being sealed, it is difficult, as normal as breathing, clutching his neck but also show their respect.

In the closed throat moment, Gao Hongbo hit it over the palm with the peak of it? Cao ownership over the East with limited hold it? Xie Feng command passed, with it? Once reputed in the Forbidden City "Sitaimingbu" moving the capital of the moment were the years have been dust.

Lean Gao Hongbo, with the exception of the killing of sensitive capabilities, as extremely killer, Gao Hongbo quietly like a ghost, Qianyindichang, stalkers, dormant, than anything they want, Majestic also terrible. Required before a rally killer in the lore of assurance, so Gao Hongbo never arrogant, but quietly waiting. The killer is not too cold, but Gao Hongbo hit the door running horror franchise office, has been standing above the crowd to enjoy biting chill.

Gao Hongbo thin narrow figure brought the total to the other side of the closed area breezes chill, now, in Hahn hands, Gao Hongbo was trained to kill his former force, enter the national team in the blood, the Chinese striker manufacturing beholder.

No ABA TEACHERS COLLEGE Gao Hongbo, elusive because he only makes us miss him all casual but Thunder million a hit.

Zhuanzisouhu laws: Water Margin characters Days ABA TEACHERS COLLEGE Jetstar not

Chang Ching-Chang Ching, Liangshanpo 16th Brave Men, Ma Jun 8 tiger riding and Pioneer to fifth. Song Jiang and Lu Junyi draw lots to attack Dongping, Fairmont II Prefecture, Dongchangfu Reggie Chang Ching, use of fly rock beat, never miss, called "no ABA TEACHERS COLLEGE." Zhang Qing has beaten gold with flying rocks gunmen Ning, Jin Mao Huyan Shun, Yum will Hulme, day project will Peng, Hu Yanzhuo, red hair ghost Ruled, Yang, Zhu Tong, Lei Heng, Guan Sheng, etc. 15 Members war will. Wu after the horns of the water with the use of dollars, was the military chieftains of water to catch the three brothers Nguyen, clique are surrendering Liangshan. Chang Ching-attack when the independence campaign against Fang La Pine off, with vigorous leap day war, the shot daub in the pine trees, and at another pull not been vigorous leap day in the abdomen and died of a bayonet.
Space_sand2010-04-25 06:29:37 +0000 #3
He can run fast, with the same arrow.

He is a person, not a bird, so no feathers




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