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Real-week advance in Lyon quarterfinals smooth crossed it?

Tin over leaf2010-04-25 08:04:40 +0000 #1

MythChan0002010-04-25 08:13:50 +0000 #2
although I am also a Real Madrid fan, but I am not optimistic about the cut, no accident, Real Madrid will be left out in ...
ruanfei3452010-04-25 08:44:19 +0000 #3
windy and I felt a small victory for a ball, the total penalty score level

NGC10972010-04-25 08:51:00 +0000 #4
no accident, then - will be. First of all, UEFA will not be called so-called "Galaxy warships" stop early 16's; Also Real Madrid home game, favorable factors are; only Real Madrid's defense is not strong, many hidden dangers, which may lead Real Madrid The European War of the road will not go too far.
Sxt458945892010-04-25 09:48:09 +0000 #5
Real Madrid as a profound historical heritage to be attracted by the fans, I firmly believe that Real Madrid will this year at the Bernabeu cup



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