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yexing5342010-04-25 07:16:01 +0000 #1
"My husband underworld" in play "Kin Ho" Who? Have no information on him? Like the heroine
fanYNWA2010-04-25 07:18:04 +0000 #2
Name: Chakrit nickname: Krit Industry: actor, model Date of birth: June 25, 1978 Place of Birth: Thailand Height: 180cm Weight: 70kg Star sign: Aries constellation Blood: B-type marriage Status: Currently dating Jakajun Akumsiri

"Destiny" Destiny Upside Down (Kon Puan Sai Fah), 10 years ago, TIK and Chakrit worked on with "O blood type" 0-Negative (Ruk Ork Bab Mai Dai) (1998) Thai Original , Chakrit interpretation Sentimental love "O blood type" 0-Negative (Ruk Ork Bab Mai Dai) (1998) CCTV dubbed version, Chakrit interpretation Sentimental Love "Thai gangsters" Yaowarat (2003), Chakrit passionate interpretation of the Thai mafia, "in February "February (Koom Pa Pun) (2003) Chakrit classic film" Qianlong Lethal 3 of Beast's belly "Belly of the Beast (2004), Chakrit utility man" bike and the Radio "Bicycles & Radios (2004), I am most looking forward to watching to the Chakrit film Opapatika (Opapatika Kerd Omatha) (2007) Chakrit incarnation of immortal monster "Valentine", Valentine (2008) Chakrit play gay "Bangkok killer" Bangkok Dangerous (Time To Kill) (2008), international star Chakrit "6 On a moment "a Moment in June (2008), Chakrit latest film" Love 4 frenzy "4 Romances (chakrit 2008) latest film," ex-girlfriend "แฟน เก่า (chakrit 2009), the latest film

There are a now a popular TV series "Charlie's daughter," also starring him. Like his fans called him chocolate.



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