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Beach Soccer was introduced to the rules and conduct of

Attack is the best defense2010-01-18 01:01:28 +0000 #1
just watched broadcast of the beach soccer is not clear what rules, there is no closed lines, midline ... In addition, China has carried out (informal) do?
Manchester United dynasty2010-01-18 01:15:12 +0000 #2

Beach Soccer

is an attractive leisure sports, is also an important part of football. Despite its relatively short history of development, but has quickly received worldwide recognition and we grow up, the number of people currently participating in a linear growth trend. Team of 5 players each team, each game has three sections, each section 12 minutes game, the replacement players there is no limit to the number. The race is basically close combat attack and defense conversion fast, relatively simple tactics, so there is no tradition of football seems like shuffling going on, scenes of more intense, allowing you to enjoy recreational sports to bring you joy. Beach soccer is an important branch of traditional football, mainly in the physical training of the traditional football can play a supporting role. In addition to strengthening the muscles and joints function, the playing beach soccer also can improve the athlete's oxygen capacity.

Beach soccer rules of the game

Venue size: length 37 meters, width of 28 meters. (Can be 35-40 meters, according to the truth for long, wide and 25-30 m, the principles of length greater than the width of the rectangular beach venue).

Venue Tags: two longer boundary lines called the sidelines, two short (with the goal where) line called the goal line. Four weeks are standard lines (width of not less than 5 cm) mark.

Penalty area: 8 m parallel to the goal line at the junction of the parallel lines on both sides of the border, to switch to free-throw line (assuming the line, marked at both ends in order to sign off), this free-throw line and the area between the goal line called the penalty area.

Goal: from inside the goal posts and beams along the total width of 5.5 meters, height of 2.2 meters. The color is white.

Penalty points: the midpoint of the free-throw line for the penalty spot.

Corner flag: the four corners of the venue to erect a high degree of not less than 1.5 m flags.

Corner area: The corner flag meter radius of 0.5 meters area.

Central line: parallel to the goal line, the stadium is divided into two equal half of the horizontal (assuming the line to off-mark added).

The mid-point: In the middle of the central point of the mid-point (assumptions).

Use of national standards on the 5th ball (ie ball in international competitions)

Pressure :0.6-0.8 atmospheric pressure.

By the referee decided to play ball, shall not be changed without the referee allowed the ball.

1, the number of game players: Each team five, of which there must be a goalkeeper. Each team game players on the floor of not less than three people, otherwise the match null and void (the other side for 3-0 win).

2, the number of substitutes: 3. Unlimited substitutions have been swapped out for the team can re-enter competitions. Ejected players may not substitute, the player can not participate in the games the rest of the game.

3, substitution procedures: substitutes prior notice referee by referee agreed to suspend the game when, in the sideline of the Central Office, admitted after the first appearance.

Penalty: If substitutes without the referees permission to enter the playing field. Will be warned by the other side an indirect free kick in the mid-point penalty.

4, the replacement goalkeeper: Any member may pitch change with the goalkeeper position, but to inform the referee, and when the game suspended. Meanwhile, the replacement of competition clothing.

Penalty: If the game does not inform the referee to continue, its location not recognized, the two teams in the dead ball will be warned.

1, players compete barefoot, no shoes, but allowed to wear socks, "ankle" or package bandage.

2, players race to wear the same color clothing (coat and pants). T-shirt must have clear-cut number.

3, players may not use or wear is likely to endanger themselves or others, equipment or other objects (including jewelry).

4, goalkeeper clothing colors must be different from other players and referees.

1, each game from the main, the Deputy two referees enforce the law, have the same all the power to enforce the rules, command, management games. When the Lord, the Deputy referee penalty of disagreement as to the main referee shall prevail.

2, the team (including the manager, coaches, doctors and athletes) into the arena after they have been within the jurisdiction of the referee, should absolutely obey the referee's orders.

3, the referee's penalty is final. Umpires have the right to re-start before the race really is not the right to change their original decision.

4, the presence of peripherals for every game the value of a field umpire. His duty is to assist the referee in the game outside the command and management, if necessary, to play the referee may substitute tasks.

1, game time is 36 minutes, divided into three sections, each 12 minutes.

2, each section break of two minutes.

3, in every section of the race due to substitutions, injuries treatment and other lost time accidents, etc. should be back.

4, if the execution or re-implementation of the free-throw penalty free throw penalty, each section of the time be extended to the end of free-throw penalty.

1, by throwing coins, guess the team decided to attack first quarter the direction of the game, the other team kick-off to start racing. II The two sides exchanged the ranks of the venue, sect the same choice with the toss to decide team venues.

2, kick-off is the start of the race and re-start way. Open the other team's players should leave at least 5 meters, until the start of the race.

3, when the ball is kicked and moves forward the start of the race.

4, kick-off can not directly score goals. Such a situation occur, would be awarded for each other's goal kick.

5, kick-off team members can not even play, if violated, would be awarded an indirect free kick for the other penalty.

6, in the kick-off program on the other offenses, will have to re-kick-off.

7, dropping the ball is in the race due to reasons not mentioned in the rules need to suspend the game after the restart the game a way. The program is when the referee suspended the game place the ball where the ball hit the ground dropping the ball when play shall be restarted. In this procedure the ball on offense are again falling.

When the ball as a whole in the ground or in the air all over the goal line or sideline, the whistle and the referee stopped the competition, the race into a dead ball, any other circumstances are considered in the match until the game ended.

1, when the whole ball on the ground or in the air from between the goal posts and beams cross the goal line, and this is not against the rules before, namely, scoring goals.

2 more goals in the race team as a winner, both goals scored equal to or neither, then the match as a "draw."

During the match, the player can choose any location within the venue.

Team what kind of foul, how fine, the same set in the FIFA "soccer rules of the game," Chapter XII.

Its special provisions are

1, the three licensing system, that is, yellow, blue card, red card. In a game with a team for the first time shown yellow cards by referee warning, a warning by the referee showed the second blue card and the third by the warnings the referee showed a red card playing.

2, have blue signs to warn the players that leave the seat to stop the race two minutes on the bench, fine time to stop, and by the referees permission, the member may sideline the middle of the local re-entering competitions. (Available at a dead ball or a race in admission) ordered to stop 2 minutes of the time a match is not completed, will be extended to match the implementation of the next section, unless all three games ended.

3, 5 seconds is also seeking to drive the ball. In issuing a free kick, penalty, throw, goal kick, corner kick when the ball must be issued within five seconds, and offenders will be treated as unauthorized overtime penalty fine by the other party in the original place of an indirect free kick; if it is throw, kick out illegal corner, then fined by the other party in the original place of throw. The time limit also includes the goalkeeper for the ball during the match can not be out in five seconds, and offenders are punished by the other side each other in the original location in the original penalty indirect free kick.

4, 5 meters from the requirements: the granting of a free kick, penalty, throw, goal kick, corner kick, when the other team members must withdraw distance of more than 5 meters, and offenders will be considered misconduct. I warned that the punishment sentenced by the hair according to the original state of the team to re-serve. (Except as otherwise provided in the Rules)

In addition to the Executive within five seconds off the tee and out of 5 meters from the special provisions, the others are the same in both FIFA set "rules" Chapter XIII, Chapter 14.

In addition to the Executive within 5 seconds off the tee and out of 5 meters from the special provisions, other were formulated with the FIFA "rules" XV.

1, in addition to implementation of the 5 seconds out of 5 meters from the tee and the special provisions, other were formulated with the FIFA "rules" 16th, 17 chapters.

2, cancel goal area. If the range of 5 meters in each other's goal to play an indirect free kick inside their attack on the penalty spot in the same direction to retreat 5 meters away from the goal of the locations.

Kick penalty shoot-out procedures in accordance with the requirements of the contest, when the match after a draw at times need to decide the winner and winning team used a method, and the procedure is:

1, penalty the referee selected to play in goal .

2, using coin throwing a party to guess the first way to play.

3, the first round of two members of all three rounds of play time, if the goals are the same, the two sides take turns playing one on one, until the outcome results were available. Kick in the rotation when the players are not kicked the first kick.

4, if still a draw, then the third round, all one-take turns playing both sides, and so on, until finally the outcome results were available.

5, after the referee permits the court to any member may change with the goalkeeper position.

6, the process can not be football penalty shoot-out substitutions. Unless it is really injured goalkeeper, can be off by the referee permitted substitutes replacement substitutions.

Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, beach football history is the birthplace of beach soccer, followed by 70 late in the 20th century have in Latin America and Europe, and swept, and then developed into an international movement. The first formal beach football match was held in 1992. In 1993, the World Beach Football Federation (IBSA) was established and to develop uniform rules of the game. In the same year, the World Beach Football Association started organizing on a small scale world beach soccer game, but initially only a few countries to participate. In 1995, the Beach Soccer World Championships held in officially marked the Beach Soccer sports competitions. In 1998, Europe held the first professional beach soccer league. In 2005, the International Football Federation be included in the scope of its management, and develop a more comprehensive "beach soccer rules." In the same year, the first FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup. Since many active and retired players participation is beach soccer has become the fastest-growing professional competitive sports.



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