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Wei Qun, when Quanxing captain, Sichuan insiders said he called the "Wei heroes", when he was able to block for the team's young players more than 10 knives, even the throat throat does not have sound. In Chengdu, this very emphasis on rivers and lakes where the plot, which is no doubt in our hearts establish a different kind of image. He can get on the floor threw hit the goal post to goal he denied will also be the presence of White as Dalian, Xu Hong Alone Quanxing when to retain the old players and a good personal friend of Xu Hong enemies were finally forced to flee in Yunnan , so he is supposed to Quanxing older brother. At that time the streets of Chengdu, where are all the lesser circulation of "married marry Wei heroes" of the pronouncements, I also like to see him in Sichuan Taiwan a mattress ad. If I remember correctly, he should be second only to Chinese football, big General Fan more than two goals the first guard, his bold style of play as he's just like so that each Quanxing the hearts of the fans ... some time ago on the Internet see the news of his retirement, the report entitled: China's football big brother to leave the last one. "We recalled privately call him" Wei explosive legs, "recalled when he was a strong long-range into the Chinese A League The first goal, recalled when he smiles and his Chuanzu left helpless, the hearts of sorrow and grief is not the Quanxing fans who have come to understand how to the do ..

Li Bing, not from Sichuan, but it is for the Quanxing made a tremendous contribution, and a man deeply in love with football in Sichuan. Perhaps the same area southwest Guizhou, Li Bing and Sichuanese train out of the same character, always been a hearty smile, we all kind to address him as "Mountain Brother." along Ma Mingyu Quanxing he came to all of his dedication to the football, Sichuan, from guard to forward, for the city of Ba Zhai Quanxing reminder Titans in his career, which in total scored 76 goals in China, ranked third overall scorer standings. on the pitch, he always was so positive it is always the utmost. remember the Sports Center in Chengdu, Li Bing's brilliant performance, so that the country's team knew Chuanzu home to dragons, in Chengdu at home but also created a Chinese football not seen before to after the ancients not seen those hot scenes. Dalian, however, who entered with, want to Quanxing last contribution he can hardly escape the Cleaning the fate of those days ... in Zhejiang, the Li Bing miss the end of the growing Chuanzu make it hard to re-teach, less ready to retire ... and then look back at last, how would like to see that again look at a Li Bing Quanxing contest the inlet the ball. Aizai, Sichuan Quanxing.

Yao Xia, nicknamed "Cheetah", the speed in China, one of the best football. with Wei Qun, he was Quanxing the first generation of players, and now I still can not forget his quick and fast running frequency can not forget about that one a brilliant goal, but we must not forget that he far the most single-minded as Chuanzu kind deeds and the spirit of Sichuan have been in Dalian, the Dalian people want to leave him, is ready a good contract, Yao Xia training camp is about to board a flight when they learned that Wei Qun gone, was determined to got off the plane decided to abandon the contract, and several brothers and act in unison, which is sharing weal and woe of the Brother Karamazov. Finally, he was forced to turn will be Qingdao, I was reminded of the famous phrase, "leaves the invitation of the departure of the wind or the tree does not retain ...." The idea, however, roots have been around in his mind, as international soccer famous " Zonda, "Caniggia, in the last years as one of football life, the effectiveness of back home, he later it did come out to play if you can not stay in the Shuzhong retired on the choice of the decision of the heartache generated by numerous fans of Sichuan. now stay Pent-Ox in Chengdu in Sichuan, he has also contributed all of his football ... "Health and children to give birth to small-Yao Xia", we can see that the people of Sichuan in one of his love.

Zou Yougen, memory, which he had also taken that the young he was a clever breakthrough in the wings, often give opponents a lot of pressure, but a blink of an eye it goes to the thirties. In 1994, against Yanbian, Sichuan, Quanxing 0:1 behind the attack has been no improvement in the slightest, Yu Dongfeng to a 18-year-old young man called around, "said Georgia I, washed up! "This guy really scored the match. Dalian, who took over when the older brother were all gone, he stayed, not because he was not straightforward. When his wife is just the labor, hand, foot and affection between the painful choices, Yu-roots have chosen to stay put and watch the torture of our brothers from their homes. Yu-root is now the only team the old First City Chuanzu blood, he also shoulder-forward to this banner, dedicated to adhere to the final positions. has been selected for the National Team has pulled out of the Yu-roots talked about his greatest regret his life, said that it was not no caps, but in the future no longer be able to see into the body center row of old Ma Mailuo that , a Brazilian, Brazilian amateur player, he has two wonderful goals will mount a 10-year A A, the best score standings, this is already enough. dancing black butterflies no longer exist, But his dancing but it will remain in my heart.

Gao Jian-Bin

tall guys are not a native of Sichuanese, but is regarded as the fans of Sichuan Quanxing representative of the times, not only because of his Sumon excellent technology, a stable play and Toshiro appearance. The most valuable is that he kind of passion towards the game. Sichuanese perhaps due to lack of stature on the history there have been few good goalkeeper, Quanxing hand early spring Zhao Lei and medium-term where Chuck is outsider, but this is technically two Xiongtai have a fatal flaw, Zhao Lei Shang Ma butter gloves more than more than Barthez, where Chuck Daoshi can often saved some incredible shot, but it also often able to corner the other issued by the striker flew at each other's feet. Gao Jian-Bin was first to the district in Guangdong, the door to God when the replacement, but that is really bad luck a few years, just to catch up with the state's most mighty years old liberated that when life gives the image that is not hit the ball, then it is Hunbuxiaqu, and was Quanxing fancy to buy over. In fact, I was very optimistic about this trade, because it has been for two years unconfirmed reports, Ou Chuliang prepared to Quanxing a result, did not come the old liberated areas, old revolutionary base areas of the reserve Daoshi ran the. did not expect Gao Jian-bin 1 to Quanxing went to a hopeless state, the state well into the into the national team. However, that is, in Gao Jian Bin team suffered a serious injury, injury and has been difficult is the status of its peak period.

Sichuan Quanxing Song was composed and the sun shone Quanxing flag,

banner of hope shining glory

glory Soccer Jin shouldering heavy tasks,

thousands of fans cheer for us!

Quanxing officers and men of all kinds of hardships unyielding,

Quanxing the soldiers invincible,

home elders is our strong backing,

always march forward along the victory! advance!

sun shine the Quanxing flag,

banner of hope shining bright,

pitch on the burning of our youth,

Song of Youth and calling for take-off of football.

Quanxing officers and men of all kinds of hardships unyielding,

Quanxing of the soldiers invincible,

home elders are our strong backing,

always march forward along the victory! advance!

listen, kept trained once a familiar voice, tears streaming down from the feel, not knowing who like me love and support over the real football friends Quanxing how they have kind of thinking, my feelings are mixed with sadness and fond memories of the helplessness. away from the Quanxing Reminiscence of the Past, it is a sort of rest of the country do not like football, in the Haoqiganyun, righteousness Lured in Sichuan Sichuan, which has become a culture is like, this "Paoge football" has affected our area young people. Quanxing soldiers who spare no effort to think of a positive mind Xu industry, the phrase "While we hope to children of the Greek children, but simply not be virtual. "However, all but one time, Chuanzu been the fragmentation of Dalian to help engage young Chuanzu groans in the Football Association of so-called policy of one kind or another seem so pale before, how can those of us not into the old Quanxing chilled the hearts of fans ah! from 1995 to defend Chengdu, to today's retention Chuanzu, Sichuan has experienced a cycle of football seems, from the starting point back to the starting point. How do I save my Chuanzu become fans of Sichuan, as well as Quanxing the old players did the only voice. aftertaste, however, since the market a decade ago that a vigorous battle to defend Chengdu, and then seeing the helpless cries of the fans, a former football is tragic Sichuan, is blood is boiling, which Zhang's passion to make the blood spray, but it blew down slowly. as Sichuan, my fans, and we are looking at, Sichuan, football is finally experiencing encroachment encroachment into the left with only a little bit of love for his fans . "Chopin's Nocturne you play to commemorate the death of my love ..." In the interest of more people so that circle who continue to consider the residual water Chuanzu, we really want to commemorate the football has been on the Quanxing Love the

turned his head, looking at a pot on the windowsill did not know what grass struggling to open up the flower, in the winter wind seemed to be especially the dazzling, perhaps this is the reality in our minds a portrayal of Sichuan football bar... ...

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Deyang is the soul of the blessed Quanxing



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