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If the peak time, and now Ronaldinho is still Barcelona Messi, Barca what will happen ah?

beiluqi22010-02-01 11:01:27 +0000 #1

Travis lower animals2010-02-01 11:09:25 +0000 #2
Ronaldinho to leave Barcelona after the Macy's began to show leadership style, in fact, did not leave Barca if Ronaldinho, Messi may not have today's achievements. From the team as a whole, although the two words if the co-existence can not be said will reduce the strength of the team, but definitely not as good as the performance of the two peak periods of Ronaldinho and Lionel Messi peak periods.
henrywwn2010-02-01 11:44:54 +0000 #3
hard to say, both sides into a tactical system. The key depends on the mentality of the
flhs_lee2010-02-01 12:09:22 +0000 #4
destined to replace Ronaldinho Messi Brazilians do not know the private life of self-regulation ah
26,081,6772010-02-01 12:26:09 +0000 #5
how can like? Have been six-time winner - and Nanbu Cheng for Barca play the World Cup?
redx20092010-02-01 12:20:12 +0000 #6
or Barca ah
saviolajeff2010-02-01 13:28:07 +0000 #7
dead end, what proved to dual-core processor will not perfect just like the mountain can hardly contain the Er-hu

see the Great Arsenal's performance in the know is needed is for each team 123 ranked players, rather than 113
86,527,0562010-02-01 14:18:50 +0000 #8
simply not possible in this setting ten thousand
VIP尐Po-2010-02-01 12:48:57 +0000 #9
there is no Ronaldinho Messi Messi

there is no Ronaldinho
TooOldTrafford2010-02-01 12:12:17 +0000 #10
also, as
messi_wjl2010-02-01 15:35:22 +0000 #11
1 Hill can hardly contain the Erhu
jinglingok9112010-02-01 16:02:48 +0000 #12
six-time winner This is the highest honor of the Barcelona do not get out of seven crown at most, within one year scoring record like a small awards



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