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Demand that all foreign aid and international super-

the upper hand will struggle2010-01-18 02:01:46 +0000 #1
2009-11-15 11:09 supplementary question

seeking super-all of the foreign aid and their international world soccer [edit]
Liangliang2010-01-18 02:09:04 +0000 #2
1. Beijing Guoan: Diego (Brazil), Martinez (Honduras), Stoyan (Macedonia) Jefferson (Brazil, workouts) Russian defender (workout)

2. Changchun Asia and the Pacific: Mercan (Nigeria) Elvis (Honduras) Cavallero (Honduras) Dazha Ji (Côte d'Ivoire)

3. Dalian Shide: Ciorici (Bulgaria), Katz excellent Stoyanov (Bulgaria) Habubi (Ghana, today, leaving the team) Mudelage (Serbia, uncertainty left) Croatian foreign aid two (one forward, one back, workout) Georgian foreign aid (workout)

4. Chengdu Blades Union: Danielson (Brazil), Kim Young-jun (North Korea), Rodriguez (Brazil) Igor (Croatia)

5. Shanghai Shenhua: Martinez (Honduras), Scott (Costa Rica) Ricard (Colombia)

6. Guangzhou Pharmaceutical: Diego (Brazil) Albar more (Peru), Ramirez (Honduras), Jose (Honduras),

7. Luneng: Alex (Venezuela pull, active-duty striker) Andre . Gonzalez (Venezuela pull workouts) Tiago (Brazil, workouts) Luzhkov (Serbia)

8. Shaanxi: Lone (Brazil), Vicente (Brazil)

9. Wuhan Optical Valley: Daniailuo (Brazil), Gustavo (Brazil) Cesar (Argentina)

10. Changsha Jinde: Aboubakari Bukavu (Cameroon), Didi (Albania, active defender) Qiaoji Mu (Angola , who played in Xiamen team workouts) Sandro (Brazil)

11. Liaoning: Caillou (Côte d'Ivoire, workouts) Griffith (Australia, sidelined with injuries, the uncertain return)

12. Tianjin Teda : Radu (Romania, close to an agreement) Zahari (Romania, workouts) Martic (Croatia), Andrei (Ukraine, workouts) Ava Zhu W (Nigeria, workouts)

13. Qingdao be able to: Stan Tsietsi (Serbia, the former Red Star midfielder had been Shenhua workout) Gian. Paul (Cameroon, played for Frankfurt, Latvian Footballer of the Year, has been Liaoning workout team) both were active in Honduras striker Brazilian striker not try and training required to direct contracts to 14. Henan Jianye: Douglas (Brazil), Mali (Brazil)

15. Shenzhen team: Musa (Argentina, who played for Beijing Guoan, workouts) Mariko (Poland)

16. Zhejiang Green City: Dancho (Bulgaria) Ahmed (Egypt), Georgievski (Macedonia, active defender) Kalam (France, has also played for French side Lille, United Kingdom Crystal Palace, United Arab Emirates league)
Furukawa Xiao Qiang2010-01-18 02:26:31 +0000 #3
There should be a higher bar, but also Probably.



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