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gunmen 832010-02-01 15:01:03 +0000 #1
third-year student in the school and immediately goes on winter break, and there are plenty of training time practicing a winter. In addition, under third-year approximately 45 hours per week Lianqiu. Mainly to high school to participate in soccer leagues. I intention is to Lesser kind of tissue-type lumbar, plus practice very own shot. please help to understand some of football's brother set a winter training program. the specific contents of physical, sexual ball, passing, defense, shooting and strength. please try to write more point.谢啦-! tomorrow, finished the final exam online reply. welcome to the friends said -
ARS_HERO2010-02-01 15:12:16 +0000 #2
first of all recognize LZ, lumbar this position is "defensive midfielder" In the soccer match, is generally dry and sub-intercept the ball. Although it may have assists (refer to Pirlo, Italy). But the main considered to be defensive. Comparison indicated that Claude Makelele, Patrick Vieira, Essien, etc. - This position requires strong personal view is that the body in order to Louzhu is not physically suitable for the present (as adults do not know how the third-year general shape of the Hehe) it is proposed to play Qianyao or organizational change in avant-garde more appropriate, and the lesser is the latter that position --- in Arsenal's defensive midfielder Alexander Song or Denilson live. . .

The Qianyao right speed is not great, but the cause must be wide, winger and striker's running should pay attention to. This is the literal can not be explained, that is, please LZ Remember, do not get the ball on, with or without support, the first time to see people running around, it said that the simplest and simply hard to also be difficult.

There is a strength. Do not know your game time is long. But at least want to exercise out of a game cycle time of physical. The best way to improve physical fitness is aerobic exercise. Avoid, aerobic exercise must be sustained to maintain the speed for 30 minutes to be effective, should not have the time to ensure and speed must be guaranteed, responsible for the White dry. I was basically 45-60 minutes, speed of the 6 km per hour (I have practiced in the gym), daily aerobics, and one day a week. This position, velocity can be unpleasant, but it certainly is better staying power, we must crack down on the other side of continuity, but also the appropriate back on defense. Assist lumbar defense. . .

There is a long-range to practice in the Chinese football striker is vulnerable to the other side of the pincer attack, this time if there are long-range effort Qianyao like, and do not necessarily strong, but there must be a threat - at least within the frames . This Yehao training. That is to practice every day on into the long-range, there are quasi-degree -

As for the ball, I think, refers to the sense of the ball bar. This stuff can not practice - are born with, I have to talk every day, trained to play the ball bar is a special time to play, rather than practice. Note

pass and his teammates want, or quasi-teammates kicked more accustomed to the running partner, if the good relations, more exchanges, ideas to be consistent, otherwise, he ran his on you for your trouble - the organization of Field artillery, the transportation people. . . . . There are no guards to practice in the circumstances, the fixed-point pass, high school is best to reduce the error within a radius of 1 meter, so that they are willing to endure the next defense will be a good point.

With the above points if you can do essentially the level of play will satisfy hungry adults, and I personally believe that through high school leagues are the muscle car, there is no difference between adults. . .

There is a Lou Zhu would like to exercise the power and muscle? ? ! !

I do not own a blind urgently recommended weight-bearing exercise, absolutely not, many parts of the body is very fragile. The expertise to know it, such as the gym coach. . This short period of time to improve, but at least a few months will have any substantial effect.

In conclusion, we can help you just to give you the concept, the only certainty is that aerobic time is 1 hour and 1 day. Other strength training if you do not want to waste your own, ask the professionals do it for your body

my side muscles to practice several practicing bad, absolutely not alarmist talk

(worn out of me)
609,387,3152010-02-01 15:30:30 +0000 #3
faster training ability to respond often running



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