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Why does the German national team goalkeeper committed suicide

108 to2010-01-18 05:01:54 +0000 #1
One German national team goalkeeper, who currently plays for Hanover's Robert - Enke and train collided with the unfortunate death of the German police have confirmed that Robert - Enke is suicidal behavior. Be properly Why commit suicide?
Zezheng2010-01-18 05:06:44 +0000 #2
Beijing the evening of November 11, Hanover 96 held a press conference just passed the door Enke mourn, his wife Teresa as well as private doctors Maxcer attended the conference. Encke's wife, Teresa, said the long-term depression, eventually led to Encke toward the road to ruin, while the daughter's fear of becoming the direct cause of his suicide.

Trisha at the press conference, said Enke has always been on the outside world to hide their depression of the fact that three years ago, two years old daughter, who died of his condition even more weight. This year in October, Enke was checking out the virus infection, missed the game more than he fears for his illness will lead to the adoption of this year in May with his wife of 8-month-old daughter left them in the end, fear him embarked on a suicide of no return.

I have been supporting him, it was a difficult period, his depression very badly. But we think we can use love to overcome all of this, but we did not do. "Teresa tears at the press conference.

Enke effect of depression is diagnosed during the period in Barcelona, in 2003, the team lost a starting spot with his first seek treatment, Enke's personal doctor Makes Dole said he was afraid he would lose football and life. Maxcer revealed at the press conference earlier the police found in the contents of Encke left in the room, in his testament, the Encke expressed their own family and medical team sorry, Encke had lied to them, he would let the medical team think that their situation is also improving in order to implement a suicide plan.

"Although we treated him every day, still do not prevent tragedies from happening. "Mark Selby could not aware in advance of the suicidal tendencies of Encke regret, but he also bluntly Enke has always refused to stay in the clinic for treatment.

German Football Association has canceled the team in Saturday's warm-up and Intelligence Team race, attended the press conference of the national team coach Joachim Loew said that because of this, the whole team can not return to normal work, "our deep condolences to Robert - Enke, he was a good friend. The day I feel very empty, Enke is not only a top professional player, who was also an outstanding good man, he has always been around people who have a respect for, and we will miss him. "Encke's death has shocked his teammates, Barak said:" I was shocked, and did not know what to say. , "Team manager Oliver Bierhoff said the doctor never found Enke have any psychological problems.

Local time Wednesday, hundreds of fans to stadiums around the Hanover, who left candles, scarves and balls Enke memory of the dead clothing. German Chancellor Angela Merkel to Encke's wife, Teresa sent a private letter, in order to appease the pain of her widowed. the German Football Association announced that the next round of the Bundesliga and the German second division (11 21 -22 days) game, all players will arm wrapped around crape entries.



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