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Umbro SX football boots

Da ignorant wing2010-02-04 08:01:03 +0000 #1

pairs of shoes that you?

Who pass through, talk about feelings.

Fit striker to wear do?

A Good watched plus! ! ! ! ! !
66598aa2010-02-04 08:15:06 +0000 #2
When the world saw the design of the Umbro speciali of classical beauty, do not doubt the old British sports brand, the same technology will also be intermittent trendy product, Umbro SX Valor II Ultra for the birth of This Umbro Zheke old mind would wander about the youth in his blood.

Umbro SX Valor II Ultra vamps will make you memorable, synthetic materials and leather combination could be very personal. The central body with leather shoe materials, strained a sense of very strong upper parcel. Front-end shoe body is using touch control new technologies, mesh throughout the shoes, front-end of man-made materials, raise the ball in ensuring the strength and increase the role of the arc out of the ball at the same time, and with the ball with a good feeling.

touch control system was carried out on a woven mesh upper materials, plastic coating, although not leather material, but when the ball for the toe area has a good protective measures, and each separate piece of rubber friction are provides a good point guard role, just as the Regional Laser and the Predator, like the friction out of the ball for the help both the accuracy and arc. Umbro SX Valor II Ultra outsole with a solid material, and with a soft midsole technology, the sole support of visualization is impressive, stability, and ruggedness have a great expression.

Recommended Louzhu still try to wear look, very nice shoes
cjzone102010-02-04 08:24:45 +0000 #3
This did not pass through the, but the 97,98 years or so through UMBRA shoes, feeling not too fit, leather hard, if you are a power forward to increase strong shot does fit.



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