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Improve China's football what a reasonable proposal?

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1, the association's "gamble"

Chinese Football Association since 2000, after the love gamble gamble first World Cup, the results of the World Cup Daoshi involved in a back, but the Chinese football is at least a regression decade. Before 2000, whatever the outcome, quasi-Chinese team pretty strong teams in Asia, perennial Asian Five. After this a gamble, and now the Chinese team at best, considered Asia's two streams, but also two flows downstream. Even eight-finals are mixed does not get in.. Now the 08 gamble again. I do not know when the World Cup in South Africa can beat Hong Kong to China.

2, Luneng's "mouth"

Shandong Football disturb the market order, the previous times of adversity, this is nothing wrong with people who told state-owned enterprises at low prices then. But Luneng to the fans from the general manager has been able to blowing. China's best teams at every turn, China's Real Madrid sort of discourse.咱nothing being done this year, not to say that a single man Real Madrid's honor, said dozens of league titles, nine European champions to fight out. While this year's poor record, but the people have that capital, have that experience. He holds one of those only in Shandong football championship, what pride. Do not perform well, say Real Madrid is not a good performance pack of lies delude ourselves. Chinese football not good reason, that is, in Shandong this over-ambitious, self-reflection of people do not want too much.

3, General Administration of Sport of the "order"

Chinese football is different from other countries, the greatest characteristic is not to lead the Chinese Football Association Football, Football Association still above the General Administration of Sport Grandpa, tends issued an inexplicable large order, Football Association of Xiaguan who will continue the implementation of Germany and regardless of right or wrong.

4, the league's "System"

the world's big clubs have their own second-tier team in league play, such as youth team Bayer Leverkusen Bayern youth team AC Milan youth team and so the league play in their respective countries, but the They are not the same level with a team in league play. Once promoted to the top league is necessary to sell the shell. China's Sichuan team problems are solved by reference to the Western practice, so Xu Football Association to sell the shell, as they do not sell, FA can be reduced to the next level league. Football Association omission, but also no wonder Xu.

5, young people play games more than adults,

around the world recognized the highest level of competition is the World Cup, a country the supreme task of the adult football team. The Chinese do have their own characteristics. Olympic Soccer World Cup, not to mention even higher than, and even young people under the age of 20 competitions have become concerned about the race of the whole country. The world is really unheard-of. Youth Soccer is attention should be paid, but mainly to improve the technological level of young people to expand the participation of scale, improve infrastructure construction. Rather than what is achieved at the World Youth Championship success has let the youth team to pass the molding. The expense of the future price competition among young people to achieve good results. As we all know, adult team performance represents the level of world football. Youth is not a performance boost, and the country's standard of football would be increased. Cameroon, Nigeria He holds both the Olympic champion, the team can be composed of these players, and now even the World Cup finals no go. He holds World Youth Championship runner-up in Japan, you may say that Japan is the world's football teams do? Germany, England, France, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Italy, Spain, Olympic and World Championship team's performance and even far less in China, Are they as good as the standard of football in China. Therefore, the Chinese team on the results in the 08 Olympic games better, and I'm determined, and then stumble on the 2010 World Cup qualifier of the more impossible.

6, the policy and incoherent

Chinese League relegation changing the going is proof. I do not know will not be repeated next year, announced the abolition of reduction in rank, a great possibility Yau. Ayala faster before the league changed Dugan, not to mention next year's league yet to play it?

7, the interests of the fans will always be irrelevant

annual Football Association's policy is to safeguard their own interests first, and then the club's interests. Every time the end of harming the interests of fans. Is football too much afraid of the fans.

8, greatness and success

an East Asian Games champion a champion and a World Championship team东亚四强赛there, three feathers Competition (one cup is a tasteless party, told reporters that these three games can only be a feather) let us Dragon King music.

9, ignores the reality and self-righteous

Super League teams, in addition to a state-owned enterprises at low prices only team actually in the red. What is the Chinese Football Association has introduced Ultra-entry criteria. What is a profit 30 million and so on. I am sure, the Chinese team did a meet these standards. Football knowledge not available to all teams are all fraud, but why set such a high threshold. Five leagues in Europe have no access to the standard so high, the basic only two: 1, pass in 2, the debt is not exceeded

10, the league will always be minor league

Although we have centered in mid-shout. However, do not believe in ghosts.


days will also drop big responsibility and he died, China's soccer World Cup experience in 2002, after the first 31 record of success, into the reform and opening up a new period of development, in order to the core, the Chinese Football Association Xie Yalong under the wise leadership, Chinese football with neighboring countries have developed a good-neighborly and friendly relations and exchange in many ways, from simple sake of athletics into Takeyuki. The opponent is no longer Japan and South Korea, but in the war in Iraq and other countries bathing!

In Asia, the Chinese soccer-known, Wurenbuxiao, which are a credit to the Chinese Football Association. Thai people are happy, because they can beat the Chinese team put an end to years of "fear of disease"; Southeast Asia, people are happy because their team out of gaming because the Chinese team in the Asian Cup big profit; Korean happy, because they are from the Chinese team who take title; the Japanese are also happy because they see the Chinese fans, "severing of relations" rather than "stop the civil war, and unanimously"; the Chinese team of the most happy, because they are famous, FIFA fined 4500 U.S. dollars for this specifically. Money? Chinese football have money, and 4500? You fine me 450,000 I gave the date.东亚四强赛champion? Gross! What we want is the World Cup, you play this garbage, we are not looked down on!

The great Chinese player, who inherited a pioneer in the shot when he shot the fine tradition of the face of powerful enemy, without fear, nothing to eat red card. Our jersey is red, do not do? Tailored specifically for the Chinese players!

Let us commend the Chinese team look at our bar, Olympic champion Sanda We Nading, and Olympic soccer red card we have contracted, of course, the Olympic football gold medal without weight, we have to bid to host the 2018 World Cup, wait, in the great The Chinese Football Association, under the leadership of the entire Chinese team will hold high the "people do not make me, I am partial prisoners; card is not more money on the line; played bad the bonus according to take; FA leadership, golden spear" is a great banner, To create a new situation in the Chinese football community to fight!

March 15th Sino-Thai war I was surprised, I think that the dissolution of the Chinese national team right now is the best choice, to see their performance in the field is too amateur, and no fighting spirit, no spirit, only in dealing with all the where the race, finally, I think that is carrying children home bar! Might the child was able to find their satisfaction. one who likes football Dalian.

I feel like the fastest increase in the level of football, I would recommend the following programs: a strengthening of player management, resulting in potential players study the way the Western League flat. Do not be afraid your poor league results, otherwise, China has no way out.

2 by executing Japan, Australia, the development of ideas - from the West to introduce some "breathing" star. (Outdated: older, unable to gain a foothold in the league in preparation for retirement. But if such as Ronaldo, although the state still could not second-rate star star operator, we are still welcome him to join our league. I think they to join our league is to retire is not to make money, so should not be too expensive, then your probably not a few Chinese players pay your bar??) so that they can come to our league and our players play games, word and deed, so that we heard about head dyed, resulting eventually in a good atmosphere.

3 Football itself is a necessary goal of the game in motion, therefore, exercise is the most fundamental goal of the team, it is better and the West team's friendly against the signing of the agreement each year, regular exercise is a very important contingent of

How do I decide to join the Chinese Football Association?? I would like to remediation Chinese football

short admire you, you want to join someone where an estimated clock, you did not watch the FA leaders every day

Chinese soccer's fundamental problem is that institutional issues.

Losing on the surface level of a player not work, but why the level of the players will not do?

Chinese are so many people can not find 11 on the high levels do?

The surface, Chinese people are more grams of a real people who engaged in professional football have? According to statistics, China's professional 20000 registered players. In Japan, the figure was 200,000.

How many people in Japan, China has the number of people?

Chinese always say that 11 candidates from the 1.3 billion individuals, is selected from 2 million people in 11 personally, how can human resources than the others too?

Because in China, to train a football player is the need to do a lot of money support. Soccer school fees only the rich Shangde Qi, it is rich in the selection. The poor want to play? Do not even try!

And the Chinese Football Association official selection system has a great problem. Looking at those football powers, with which country's Football Association is located in a unit of General Administration of Sport? Other people's Football Association is an independent body. This contributed to the Football Association to appoint the President by the General Administration of Sport of the wonders of the world. Xie Yalong you say that he understand what running a football? Simply Luandan Qin! How such a person to lead the entire Chinese football? And not out of line they will not be responsible and removed from the surface, FA presidency, but have actually been transferred to other departments to continue to corrupt General Administration of Sport. FIFA President took office is a good example of Yan Shiduo. Not out of line not responsible for their grandchildren even more emboldened these turtles had.

A country's football you want development must start from the league, as league is the foundation, is to develop a hotbed for players. Major league soccer power management institutions are the Professional League, formed by the major clubs, any club have a say earnings league clubs have copies of each. However, the Chinese league single-handedly manipulated by the Chinese Football Association, profits in part by the Football Association in full control. And the Chinese Football Association's accounts are not publicly available. Earn so much money is spent where it? How to use it? Who do not know. Daoshi Football Association officials in the stomach a daily known for Sichuan earthquake donations have not seen which soccer officials. Therefore, this should fall within the interests of the club had fallen on deaf ears. Club no interest, naturally, there is not enough funding for the development, coupled with the darkness of the Chinese football has always been willing to sponsor sponsor is also less and less. Personnel training, whether from hardware to software are needed the money, the club had no money, how to train people?

To sum up, Chinese football has lost its institutional decline is not Zaima players, and do not Zaima coaches, and losing is not something frightening, frightening thing is lost do not know why lose.
lyx33t2010-02-04 20:31:14 +0000 #3
500 words long.

If you only mention that the number of China's soccer has basketball courts and 1 / 4. football might have saved at least foundation and will play a much larger base of people.

rest, cross - to the Chinese Government
gentleman's rotten2010-02-04 21:13:41 +0000 #4
only the Chinese people were kicked



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