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What is offside?

smoking and watching football2010-02-05 00:02:09 +0000 #1
ACMILANM2010-02-05 00:14:04 +0000 #2
There are many claims there are high cross demand is not offside behind the ball in the goalkeeper also view
RiriKidault2010-02-05 00:27:42 +0000 #3
1. Any offensive player other than the ball closer to the goal line who shall be in offside position. The following except:

a. the member in this square in half.

B. At least two other players than the players closer to each other's goal line.

2. When the team play, or hit the ball of the moment, with team members in a offside position, the referee considered that the member of the following acts should be ruled offside:

a. interfering with play or interfering with each other;

b. an attempt to benefit from the offside position.

3. The following circumstances, players should not be judged offside:

a. players are only at the offside position;

b. players direct access to it goal kick, corner kick or throw bounds.

4. Players offside penalty, the referee should be sentenced by the other players to play in place of an indirect free kick offside. If the player offside in each other's goal area, then the free kick goal in the overrun area where the implementation of any location.

Of the International Council on the offside resolution:

1. Judged offside, based on the same team members the moment the ball passed to him, rather than the ball when he was. If players are in the non-offside position, with team members to throw him the ball or kick a free kick, the players ran to the front of the ball flight does not constitute offside.

2. If the offensive player is parallel to each other's penultimate defender or sub-parallel to each other over the last two (including 2) defensive players, then the offensive player is not offside.



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