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Tin Shing bankrupt it?

Smoking and watching football2010-02-05 01:01:09 +0000 #1
After the Premier League can be free?
Guards from2010-02-05 01:06:18 +0000 #2
But the key now is Tiansheng TMD also did not bankrupt ah but Tiansheng not lose much money, but also intends to buy the copyright of the next three years, also spoke said that they supported the Premiership Pay TV Mode I bloody days by Yingkang bar Yeung Shing hope can prevent the next bar or he does not lose big to buy Birmingham made a
VIP尐Po2010-02-05 01:19:36 +0000 #3
No it's early yet away from the bankruptcy
Love Late Maple2010-02-05 01:47:04 +0000 #4
should be bankrupt soon, and I have not heard of her friends which bought the Tin Shing's



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