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With regard to active duty the Premiership goalkeeper of all on the 1st?

-Na is just a dream2010-02-05 03:01:52 +0000 #1
1. Who is the most fat?

2. Who is the fastest reaction?

3. Who's performance will always have the bad is also always be able to be firmly installed in the main?

4. Who is like the loud roar to teammates?

5. Who recently Stories behind Olympic?

6. Who is the ability to be buried?

7. Who is a pure sense of the next steel door Zoff?

8. Who is a marked decline in the state is gradually?

9. Who is the worst goalkeeper then?

10. Who is the most goals?
dahlia19962010-02-05 03:06:21 +0000 #2
The following are the personal view:

1, Brad Friedel (Aston Villa)

According to statistics, Friedel is almost the greatest weight is the only tall and weighing more than -1, the height 1.88 meters and weighing 91 kilograms.

2, the reaction was fastest in his age Reyna

the first is more moderate, like Brad Friedel, Schwarzer're old, but also like Edwin van der Sar, Petr Cech then too tall, comes when the playing of the Reyna good flutter-year penalty, which is responsive reason.

3, Jensen (Burnley)

Burnley played eight seasons of the Danish population, the performance of the Super League in general, although the overall strength of the team in general as, Jensen also expressed, such as nerve knife, often disposed of and other low-level errors, missed 21 games in 43 balls, yes, against the most goalkeeper.

4, as the roar of the goalkeeper would not have been, and this is also a reminder and leadership, so this location to the captain of Bolton Jussi Jaaskelainen. As a goalkeeper captain should be a reminder to be more vigilant after the defense bar

5, except to say feelings are not right, Wigan Athletic's Chris Kirkland, 1:9 match for Tottenham Hotspur, 2 0:5 lost to Manchester United, are the nightmare of Kirkland, the former England goalkeeper replacement can be described as the extreme decline.

6, the Premiership the most buried of course ought to Manchester City goalkeeper Shay Given, quite strong, has been semi-red did not fire, when in Newcastle is the main, on behalf of the Irish team to participate in 2002 World Cup, World Cup qualifier Henry's handball has been eliminated, killed unjustly by.

7, super goalkeeper, personal devaluation Reyna ,05-08 for 3 consecutive years, the best goalkeeper in the Premiership, only a pity that the national team has a bigger name Casey. The most promising of course, Birmingham, Hart啦, recent performance is good, is expected to become a substitute goalkeeper to participate in the World Cup in South Africa.

8, the fastest decline in the state, a former goalkeeper Robinson, has been felt that he joined Blackburn is a pity, middle and lower reaches Rangers league year after year, teams have often been humiliated, while the effectiveness of the original has become a Premier League Tottenham Hotspur upstart.

9, the worst not to mention who is it, and sometimes can not see, against the number one goalkeeper to measure the level of high and low, library Ci Sake may not be stronger than in Kirkland, it is because the defensive players in front of the level is different, In contrast, Portsmouth's James Some Get the lead men, and response and bouncing are worse than before, while the bad habit of nerve knife still no improvement. Recent博格诺维奇came off the bench did a good job

10, the impression in the Premiership goalkeeper to score much, that is, long-range free kick in the FA Cup Robinson Foster broke the door of that ball. Records of other people's goals are less clear.



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