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fifa online2 line problem

Hu Yu Shuai2010-02-05 06:02:09 +0000 #1
433 Team

c Luotuo Lei Si Meixi (Torres, Drogba, Messi)

Small Luo Aixin Gerard

Efrain Ramos Te Sake Trimmer Goalkeepers: Casey

Members to help I look at my squad, striker, midfield and attack after the field, organization, talk about all aspects of defensive ability to see? ? Are there any drawbacks to be corrected or that the place is not? ? ? Well said I can add points. . . Thank you
Haotian to see these2010-02-05 06:10:16 +0000 #2
1 Goalkeepers: Iker Casillas did not to say that one of the world's best goalkeeper, and is in a golden career. No problem.

2, after line of defense: the defender position recommended that an additional person for a partner with Terry. Though expensive for the German international Per Mertesacker tall, but often injured and unable to maintained peak condition, I am afraid of its own strength, hard to say a world-class at best only quasi-first-class operator. And he turned slowly, technology is more rough style and "tough guys" like Terry too difficult to complement each other. Terry's partner Ricardo Carvalho should be chosen as similar to the more nimble technology-based central defender. Recommend choosing Nesta, the most comprehensive, although some older, but not all veterans sought-after defender do? Others such as Ricardo Carvalho, Demichelis, who is also OK.

In addition, Ramos is still young is too impulsive, it is recommended some choose a more balanced offensive and defensive right back, like Alves. Left后卫埃弗拉did not say.

3, Midfielders: Michael Essien the main keep, Yifu Guan Wan Fu Mo when opened, play lumbar did not say. However, Ronaldinho and Steven Gerrard seemed to belong to the kind of attacking midfielder, style, some overlap. Recommendations can be equipped with a ball, can pass, tissue-type midfield metronome, such as Andrea Pirlo, or Alonso. Be able to attack a defensive midfielder with the ball to organize, good best thing.

4, forward: do not say! Was perfect! This is my favorite of the three forwards, accompanied with also play a role. The three speed faster, have good ball dribbling to tear each other's defense. Torres has the speed of impact could Qiangdian, playing center and can give full play to C Luo and Lionel Messi both sides of a breakthrough in the role. This striker is a nightmare for any one line of defense.
cnshinhwa2010-02-05 06:08:57 +0000 #3
on the Gerald point, preferably a change in exchange Franck Ribery bar, faster!



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