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zxy2100072010-02-05 17:01:22 +0000 #1
single-handedly shoot the ball how I should not enter the 10 single-pole, there can have 8 out of Marseille, according to how the maneuver (and the player's skills) 2010 formation how extraordinary set okay, what a good way to do
guang68832010-02-05 17:12:14 +0000 #2
more thought they would be a
warm yet warm sunny2010-02-05 17:37:28 +0000 #3
45-degree angle with the ball placed at an angle shot, face the edge of the area, then taken to the big play lob generally enter.

Marseille swing not come out by manipulating the ownership of the skills of players when the ball turned back when the maneuver appears Marseille.

2010 formation to see their own preferences, I like the 4-3-3, but the players will be in position on its ability to adjust the values in the highest position favorable to their level of play.

Extraordinary, then double-click the L1 or the big pass / shot + short pass + oblique direction is more useful extraordinary, of course, easier to slow a little extraordinary dribbling
csc199006172010-02-05 18:15:17 +0000 #4
places, although I am not a master, but the single-pole, the ball I am very sure of! The greatest feature of playing single-pole, the ball is a must to master a good time, playing a long time, then feeling out, single-pole, the ball is better not to have been accelerated, to be shot when the pause will help to improve shooting accuracy. There are too close if you are away from the goalkeeper to score, then the probability will be very small. In this case the best he had lost it, a little short, hard practice, the feeling found in practice, if training mode is very good free kick, where I was trained pretty good, Ha ha! Marseille is the arrow keys to switch to a swing circle (forward and reverse can be). Lineup, then look at your own preferences, and short to comply with the style of your team, the best and the reality on the tactical fit, and I was playing 4231 with the Rome team tactics, so cool to. There are many ways extraordinary, online Gonglue everywhere, but I do not like to use, because football is a whole Well, the light is useless to a person playing well, and hope that my answer make you satisfied!



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