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fifa online2 lineup

Curcuma also came to ask2010-02-06 03:01:27 +0000 #1
We help Paixia defect formation

and then take a look at how can there be made to improve the next.

I have this team for how to fight it?

I do not like the header do not like the long pass like the endo-W pass into the restricted area have turned to extraordinary shot.

Thank you for people. . . . . .

Thank you.

Front Yibumeixi

midfielder Iniesta Torres, Steven Gerrard C Lo

backcourt Lamu Mo Tesar Kewei Di Qi A Alves
HYMZYL2010-02-06 03:17:10 +0000 #2
梅西托雷斯C Lo

Iniesta Gerrard Hargreaves (I suggest you buy one)

La Mumo Tesar Kewei Di Qi A Alves

team is perfect, since you do not like the header, Zlatan fundamental useless, 433 is the speed of war fighting, Zlatan so high, will be very cumbersome. If you like the endo-C Lo can be played on the left, Messi to play on the right, in fact, I think that within the cut, you encounter people who will assist in the defense of no use, difficult to score, or the use of speed in no position to large restricted area from A + A, or Q + A halfback pass behind the formation of single-pole, easier to score.

W reached the turn around is not restricted to directly plug a defender behind the times correctly.

Good catches a bar, more passing, less alone with a football by the individual person could not handle the.
yuchen417992010-02-06 03:12:27 +0000 #3
you this style of play and typical of speculative-type style of play

individuals and do not agree with this style of play

but everyone has their own preferences

If you want to truly improve the level of FIFA, then you practice with and operation of multi -

As for your cosmetic

surface briefly about the tragic outcome of a perfect cosmetic surgery waiting

the cosmetic outcome is no money to renew

will soon consider very carefully the next team you have to consider the change of

so no need to change anything

to the time to change all the

might say something you do not like

but these are unpleasant to Tadatoki



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