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Life is like a game of football

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Life is like a game of football text / High Miao Tien Yuan

careful wanted to come , football and life There are indeed many similarities.

Football striker, midfielder, defender resembles the three stages of life: youth, middle-aged, old age. Youth is like striker determined to assault, Walk the Line; middle-aged like a midfield attack and defense are degrees, Riding out; old age, just as guard to defensive to the offensive, rigorous defense of late years.

There is no forward, just as the gun has not turned their guns, no guns or guns they turned their guns do, then do not that Shaohuo Gun? In the race to score, to solve the problem mainly rely on forward, so attention most mistakes most controversy is the most forward. Won, received flowers and applause from most of his; lost, most often to blame him. Striker is a direct assault of the soldiers, their goal is only one, is to win each other's positions.

Young age "K-Swiss air force Nukiyama Come", is a human gall largest Jin the most adequate and most passionate, the most abundant imagination, throw off the arm of the old big their careers. If there is no ambition at this stage, there is no smell, then the chicken dance in the drive, just as there is no striker game, the outcome is not difficult to envisage. Youth, life, success or failure often determines the success or failure will affect the future direction of life and values. Young people dare to think Gangan, who's slogan is: no opportunity to also create opportunities, with the opportunity must not be easily let go.

There is no intermission, like a bicycle wheel without the two chains, there is no chain of roulette Still Useful? A game, there is no midfield to the forward pass "ammunition" is impossible to form a strong forward offensive, there is no break so many opportunities. A good midfield player, is like a good transportation captain, no matter how adverse environmental conditions, always trying to front the much-needed and timely transportation of goods go up, although not at the forefront in direct combat, in fact, he linked the front and the rear is to determine the success or failure of the war the dominant part.

Who also went to the middle-aged and old under the small, the important stage of inheriting the past. Without the selfless hard working middle-aged people to pay, there is no child carefree childhood, no elderly people happy and peaceful old age. Middle age want to conscientiously sum up the past, to make reasonable arrangements later, as midfielder as before and after should be taken into account. Middle-aged people to do things the principle is: no worries about food and clothing to ensure a person under the premise of more than Bacheng chance of success if there is, then we can aim to stand.

There is no guard, like not wearing a bullet-proof vest was also chosen to test cartridge, you want to invulnerability that possible? There一句广告词well said: "No defense, how can we attack?" Just think, in a match, the striker has not stopped people in your home in front of frequently attacked strange if you do not lose it? Your striker and midfielder are to take part in defensive Shangju less, then there is something offensive does the organization? If the midfield is the captain of the transport, then the defender will certainly be the production of ammunition for logistics.

People into old age, to the reading to make this world of vicissitudes and taste of all the ups and downs of life's age, also to a good summary of the time. This stage people think about most is how to preserve its later years without losing, as defender desperate to stop the other side also the same as forward kicker. They are no longer a mouth no hair, the feather act weakly children, their attitude towards life is much more to be cautious, their favorite saying is: let young people break go, I give them guarding homes.



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