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That match the highest score on penalty kicks?

chineseca2010-01-18 16:01:16 +0000 #1

Manchester United Kingdom2010-01-18 16:07:36 +0000 #2
Libertadores Cup semi-final

South American Libertadores Cup history, there have been a 13-round penalty shoot-out in 1992, the semi-finals, Argentina Newell's Old Boys suffered Cali, Colombia, the Americas, Total score one more than one, the two sides began in the latter's home suffocating penalty showdown, the two sides a total of 26 penalty kick:

of the most high-end record of

above records, there usually is a low-level teams involved , the most significant affirmation of confrontation from the November 20, 1988 in Argentina, in the domestic championship, the two prominent Class A teams and youth athletic teams in the two teams draw more than two post-kick 22 round of 44, the result of young people 20 to 19 win team. The emergence of new record

January 23, 2005, Namibia's Cup alarming scene, the first round of the team and the citizens of teams KK Palace 90 minutes 2 to 2 draw, there is no overtime, the two sides kick a total of 48 of 24 a final KK Palace team won 17 to 16. This is by far the highest in world football there.



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