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Guo'an very lucky呀! Win a great hope that everyone will talk about.

angel_sun2010-01-19 05:01:36 +0000 #1
Last minute draw in Henan, in the case of a little game behind a sub, it seems there is great hope to win,

you Tell me, thank you! !

2009-10-13 18:58 supplementary question

Thank you
Results ball into the2010-01-19 05:04:30 +0000 #2
"played forward, restrain" is the national security an important reason for instability in this year's results, let us look at a very defensive worried.

Because I think there are two aspects:

One staffing, Paul instability called a time bomb, Xu Yunlong, Zhou Ting, Zhang Yonghai are more than 30 years old, senile people are so apprehensive of the defense; Fortunately, this year Madzic Otherwise, I do not know how much this year, the National Security to lose the ball.

The second is the level of the national security of the defense in 2006 reached a high level, when the attack hegemony Luneng also scored a season, the National Security a ball, year after year since then, and the header has become a national security defense the biggest pain in the hearts of many, against all opponents biography header that, in this will not go into.

If the defensive problems are not resolved, despite the rising size of the grid, Martin will be futile to fight spitting blood.
hitler9112010-01-19 05:50:56 +0000 #3
national security is certainly champion, because the Football Association within the already unified views.



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