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Who introduced the only team under the Luxembourg?

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Luxembourg national football team is a Luxembourg national football team, managed by the Luxembourg Football Association, FIFA, and Europe now are a member of the Football Association. Luxembourg has not yet participated in any international competition final weeks, both in the World Cup and European Nations Cup qualifying stage of qualifying has never been eligible to obtain.

World Cup success in 1930 - did not participate in

1934 to 2010 - qualifying out

Football Confederation UEFA (Europe)

FIFA code 119


FIFA ranked the highest FIFA ranking 93 (April 1996)

Lowest FIFA ranking 195 (August 2006)

at present under way in South Africa World Cup qualifiers, the Luxembourg team ranked fifth in the B group, 8 wins 2 level 5 combat a negative 20 balls into 3 Qiu Shi Ji 5 points, of which only a victory September 11, 2008 At the 2010 World Cup European qualifying Group Two match, away 2 to 1 victory over Luxembourg, the European powerhouse Switzerland. This is the victory over Luxembourg in 1972, the Turkish team, 36 years to get the first victory in international competitions.



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