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Tell us about Vitic Florence teenager

Clipper light Qiu2010-01-20 03:01:39 +0000 #1
teenager has spent much of this vigorous ah, not just in the league in goals again and again, in the Champions League this morning it is cutting off Liverpool scored twice in the next horse. Who has his details?
Manchester United Kingdom2010-01-20 03:12:12 +0000 #2
Stefan about Vitic Name: Stevan Jovetic

Nationality: Montenegro

Birthday :1989-11-02

Height: 183 cm

Place of birth: Montenegro, podgori Review

Position: striker, attacking midfielder who currently plays for
: Florence

contract to: 2013

Number: 8 main legs: left leg

youth team career
? -2003马拉多斯特

Adult Team

2006-2008布尔格莱德Guerrilla 47 (12)

2008 - Florence 8 (0)


2007 Montenegro U-21 National Team 6 (2)

2007 - Montenegro National Team 7 (4)



about Vitic November 1989 born on 2 Montenegro's capital Podgorica (Podgorica), when very young and the former Serbia and AC Milan legend Savicevic ( Savi evi) the son of the same team, and then entered the local team马拉多斯特Podgorica. 2003 to the traditional strong teams布尔格莱德guerrillas youth team. 2005-2006 season, about Vidic has been raised to the first team, only 16 years old, he won in that season two appearance on the opportunity. The 2006-2007 season, he played for the team number to 22 games, and scored its first goal. 2007-2008 season was his eminence in the season: To布尔格莱德guerrillas played 23 games, scoring 11 goals, which in the August 2, 2007 against Sim Lenski's UEFA Cup match staged for the first time hat-trick, one scored three goals in the team after the departure of former captain of the transfer of 18-year-old, he was elected as the new captain of the guerrillas布尔格莱德ultimately help the team win the league; as Montenegro U-21 national captain played six times, scored two goals; in March 2007 match against the Hungarian national team caps for the first time and has played seven times, scored 4 goals. Is not difficult to imagine, in this age to show such a level in all kinds of praise coming to him from all directions. If Savicevic think he's in the world, the players were born the same year ranked second only to Pato. Montenegro country will be what he called Savicevic II. Read the foreign media, after his performance, then call him directly for the Macy's Central and Eastern Europe. This case, the transfer rumors also will be intensified, including Manchester United, Chelsea, Real Madrid, Arsenal, Ajax Amsterdam, Florence, and so the teams are in the end of 2007 to 2008, the beginning and the gifted came the sex scandal. His worth was also the media have set down: 7M euros. Savicevic appears to have a part-time agent, I heard this price, the Chairman of the Football Association of Montenegro declared directly: 7M purchase value of about Vitic too, and he's good enough in any marked with the main teams. Transfer process of the negotiations, about Vidic's economy had repeatedly said the offer had been rejected in Florence, but in May 2008, he was eventually moved to the Florence, 8M euro transfer fee.

Technical Features

About Vitic greater range of activities, shooting, ball control and passing have a certain level, somewhat similar to the feeling of Kaka, exists as a shadow striker. After the face of the Italian market, the impact of his ability to seem weak, but closed the forefront of the ground offensive for the implementation and organizations have a role. He left feet are quite flexible, and are full of strength, often vigorously Shishe. The psychological state of his better stability, even the national team 12 yards by him to be responsible surgeon; however, after all, young people, he sometimes appeared the phenomenon of short-circuit the brain, such as in the Italian league, no one into the the ball, he seemed a little "independence" and often prefer their own shot instead of passing, though, as Viola's fans, some dissatisfaction on this point, but it is also understandable. Vitic now in Florence at about the position after the side, slightly close to the left side of midfield, AML, AMC, AMR had kicked the. Although he technically speaking, to assume the responsibility of attacking midfielder, but he himself said he is a pure striker.



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