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76 generation of stars gradually fade

you'll never walk alone2010-01-20 05:01:27 +0000 #1
star was born in 1976, has been 33 years old, this age, most of them, have been very difficult for Europe's top leagues occupy the main place among the giants team.

Serie A league Roma Francesco Totti can be described as the last remaining of the Prince. 76 years in September Totti was born in Rome this season, playing in all six team league, scored four goals assists 4 times. In addition to Totti, there is such a striker Di Vaio old rifle last season, he was nearly a Serie A striker, this season after scoring a Di Vaio.

La Liga representatives of the Dutch striker Ruud van Nistelrooy is Real Madrid, he scored 1 goal for the Galaxy warships. Olympique Marseille representatives of Spain striker Fernando Morientes is a Portuguese ultra-yes Benfica striker Gomes of Portugal, the Greek league, there paniau Nisi Dui Uruguayan striker Alvaro Recoba. Nuclear warheads, the former AC Milan, Andriy Shevchenko returning to their roots this season, return to Ukraine, Dynamo Kiev on behalf of the new season league play for Ukraine also has a ball much richer.

Born in 1976, the highest profile player, aliens than Ronaldo, and into 2009, after Ronaldo scored a total of 17 goals for the team, his goal is to return to the Brazilian National team at the 2010 World Cup. While the alien has been phased out European leagues, but still sought after by thousands of fans. Born in 1976, this generation of players, the fans had to leave too many good memories, and now they generally welcome the last 1-2 years of his career, can not help but pity.

I was Born in 85 years - has brought me most pleasure is the 72 and 76 generations! Rivaldo Zidane, Figo 72 are even more of the 76 people

both now and look at how fame Macy c Luo Kaka really

like the indomitable spirit of Germany's only like Bier Huo Fu Bala Schauer, rather than Porto尔斯基戈麦斯
like Italy's most exhibitions generation is Baqiaotuodi Buffon Alessandro Nesta Christian Vieri, rather than Akwa, Quagliarella, etc.

like the French Nazhi cock just because Zidane Thierry Henry Vieira, rather than the Zema Na Sili Ai abra

like England Three Lions, not just because Michael Owen Alan Shearer Wayne Rooney

like the tango in Argentina, not only because of pati Crespo梅西特维斯Sergio Aguero

like the Netherlands, simply because of his unruly Bergkamp, rather than Davis Kluivert Arjen Robben Wesley Sneijder

like the Spanish bullfighter劳尔莫伦特Si Yeluo not now, just because Billy Torres Asia

watching the stars gradually leave, the heart really some acid. . . 98 World Cup is the best term, always memorable!

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David Di Michele

Mo Feiao



Red-Band-Black2010-01-20 05:08:36 +0000 #2
Milan on the 7th lap back to Milan put on a turn 76, 33-year-old Sheva wish you to be more at home kicking a few years
sunjianyang19862010-01-20 05:46:36 +0000 #3
Louzhu smaller than a year, compared with 76 generation, I prefer the 72 generation, Nedved, Zidane, Rui, Rivaldo. . .



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