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Sina Barcelona What is the background music highlights

Black PP2010-02-18 23:10:48 +0000 #1
daiselina2010-02-18 23:21:42 +0000 #2
from coldplay's viva la vida 20la% 20vida
Watermelon love my wife2010-02-18 23:22:18 +0000 #3
Coldplay - looks like the relationship between the members of the board of directors with Barca very good! Nou Camp is now the hottest song is their that is coldplay's viva la vida
taylor10002010-02-19 00:22:58 +0000 #4
ugly death songs
will be given for each e-mail2010-02-19 00:29:33 +0000 #5
long knowledge, thank you Lou Zhu introduction.



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