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Buffon soccer world just after the exciting debut brave fighting hit him with the head of that man?

Na is just a dream2010-02-19 03:10:03 +0000 #1
Tell us about his
forevecronaldo2010-02-19 03:14:49 +0000 #2
Alessandro Costacurta, this person I know, that game against Russia, and Buffon's national team debut, saved a header that in mind, buddy, I want to say to you, while Gianluigi Buffon has been a lot of people say that the world on the 1st, but I really do not think how he in any case, Ewing he is not worth buying, he's lost so much in the Juve the ball, well, is not to say that Gianluigi Buffon, that person is hit his Costacurta, the following is his description

Name: Alessandro Costacurta (Alessandro Costacurta)

Nationality: Italy

Role: Defender

Date of Birth: April 24, 1966

Height: 182cm

Weight: 75kg

Current Club: AC Milan in the team management work (May 19, 2007, Costacurta retired)

is a representative of the Italian football defensive culture, one of his career Milan and Berlusconi in charge of a period of nearly coincident, witnessed over the past 20 years, the establishment of Milan dynasty, decline and revival of every detail. In addition to a 86-87 season on loan to Monza season, Alessandro Costacurta and have devoted all of football life in Milan, he was loyal to the spirit of Milan, one of the symbols.

As a central defender Alessandro Costacurta physical condition is very common and turning speed for many years criticized the face of various types of striker, who rely solely on the superb defensive skills to maintain a high level of long-term. It can be said Costacurta itself is a defensive technology, textbooks, enrichment of the Italian football defensive accumulated decades of awareness.

Alessandro Costacurta the golden age of his career focused on Sacchi and Fabio Capello's Milan dynasty initiated by stage, he and Franco Baresi, Paolo Maldini, Tassotti (Panucci) was set up in the club is not only invincible defense transplanted into the national team the same unbreakable, this time to take over the Costacurta almost all the titles. However, the Toyota Cup starting in 1994, Costacurta began to decline. Velez Sarsfield in the competition, Costacurta first penalty opponent a foul to give, and then return error to make this team and then lost a ball, received a red card sent off before the whistle, 0 disputed loss to Milan more than two consecutive Toyota Cup two years missed.

With Franco Baresi and a number of veteran retired Costacurta Milan together with the ebb, the lack of charisma, he was accused of constantly making mistakes, and only loyal to the conviction of Milan has never been changed. 01-02 end of the season, the contract expired Costacurta announce an end to 17-year career. While he was prepared to go to the U.S. Major League gold rush time when Milan was at the end of August recall of 36-year-old Costacurta, Alessandro Nesta transfer in the defense prior to the team ate assurance.

With the sexy actress Colombari Costacurta glow of love for their "second spring", he played a good substitute An An Xinxin role, enjoying career final happiness. When Paolo Maldini Alessandro Nesta or injury-moment, Costacurta always come forward to exercise due diligence to lay a good match. 2003 Toyota Cup, the Costacurta replace the injured Alessandro Nesta and Paolo Maldini partner, his near-perfect performance in disgrace 10 years ago washing Unfortunately, shootout Costacurta is not in the free throws, Milan lost to Boca Juniors, and continued the Toyota Cup of regret.

In early 2005, Milan, the club decided to renew for one year Costacurta, which means that he will stay for at least the summer of 2006, when Alessandro Costacurta will be at least 40 years of age, his legend has not yet come to an end.

First Serie A match: October 25, 1987, Verona 0-1 AC Milan

first European competition: September 7, 1988, Victor Sasuofeiya

0-2 AC Milan Italian Cup opener Competition: August 24, 1986, AC Milan, 1-0 Sang Binni Ditters

first national team match: November 13, 1991, Italy, Norway

1-1 Serie A league titles: 7 times (1987-88 1991 and-92 from 1992-93 from 1993-94 from 1995-96, 1998 and-99 season, 2003-2004 season)

Italian Super Cup: 5 times (1989,1992,1993,1994, 2004)

UEFA Champions League : 5 times (88-89,89-90,93-94,02-03,06-07)

European Super Cup: 5 times (1989,90,95,03,08)

Toyota Cup (Intercontinental Cup) Champions: 2 times (89,90)

May 19, 2007, Costacurta retired.
Little White __ good as gold2010-02-19 03:19:30 +0000 #3
I also saw him, who did not carefully noted, but his teammates, the French right.哈哈



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