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History of Uruguay, a player Folangxisi Collie you and me 20 years of war2010-01-17 02:01
Collie Folangxisi Uruguay. There is no information on the players. The main needs of the Eng
Super Coach Huang Juan David Women2010-01-17 02:01
What are the current super-team has been established coach
Football Weekly I'm Ada2010-01-17 02:01
"Football Weekly" a retailer, how much money ah?
Football leak I'm Ada2010-01-17 02:01
soccer ball pin leakage is not strange, ah, the ball rolling bad? ? ?
What is "Shiyuki style" and "Yao Eastern style"? 2 Swine2010-01-17 01:56
Manchester United can go-ahead do the twelfth lunar month of the rat2010-01-16 11:01
if title
How to distinguish between direct and indirect free kick penalty? chenyzh99882010-01-16 08:01
2009 East Asian Football Championship Indoor Five-man Chinese team score in all games Attack is the best defense2010-01-16 07:01
2009 East Asian Football Championship Indoor Five-man Chinese team score in all games are the number
The emblem of the 2012 European Cup and the meaning of that? Attack is the best defense2010-01-16 07:01
2012 European Cup and the emblem of what is meant? 2009-12-16 09:46 supplementary question D
Cheek to ask a few super-issues I hope Haibo Flat2010-01-16 06:01
Super teams which teams have their own team song, what is? What the team has its own golf course (
What is Direct the ball blue2010-01-16 06:01
football game, under what circumstances be regarded as direct and indirect catch the ball
2009 FIFA end of the year (12 months) in the world ranking is like? attack is the best defense2010-01-16 06:01
Beijing December 16, FIFA's official website announced the latest national team rankings, behind the
Shenhua Xuanshuai Gongshi to 12010-01-16 06:01
Shenhua Xuanshuai in the end set the Who? Is it time for night play set up early?
Kunitari been eliminated, and the World Cup is really with us insulating it? My name for a very long2010-01-16 05:21
When the World Cup Organizing Committee South Africa CEO Jordan front of a Chinese reporter said: Th
2010 Champions League last 16 draw result is like? Attack is the best defense2010-01-16 05:01
2010 Champions League last 16 draw result is like? On the bottom half is how to divide it? Are there
Bundesliga time is running out, how we look at Bayer Leverkusen and Han Lowe Amin zb_8292010-01-16 05:01
Bundesliga time is running out, how we look at Bayer Leverkusen and Han Lowe
Barcelona achievement unprecedented six-time winner, what are those six crown? Malaxina2010-01-16 05:01
Serie A is the annual winter break what time to start Jun Xing Yue2010-01-16 04:01
Serie A is the annual winter break what time to start
We feel that currently there are players who become coaches inside who is the most successful! zwzz57282010-01-16 04:01
2009-12-21 20:24 supplementary question of course, the Young Marshal
Why Liverpool's nickname is called the toilet? Chris2010-01-16 03:01
Why? I want to know the origin
Soccer match fixing and the hidden rules of film and television Gongshi to 12010-01-16 01:01
football crackdown, the unspoken rules of film and television is also in the regulation of the?
National Security Tao Wei retire? Deep blue2010-01-16 00:28
On the fixtures pile tai2010-01-16 00:27
Who knows the Premiership for Fulham 17 Stoke Victoria 18 pairs of Bolton has just the timing of
National Security signings Gongshi to 12010-01-16 00:26
National Security intends to introduce Luneng's Wang Xiaolong, as well as the introduction of Wu Hao
From yesterday's games can play halfback to see Dewey do? alanhuang09242010-01-16 00:25
Yesterday, Dewey is a big colander, that is, I do not know the true level or any other reason.
Last night Kunitari Gongshi to 12010-01-16 00:25
comment on how nobody Kunitari game last night? Are unspeakable silent?
Why should anti-Chinese football? Lucky Stars2010-01-16 00:24
To help check Everton's coach David Moyes at the time of shpd7132010-01-16 00:24
the question above, thank you
The Egyptian football team Qin Ge2010-01-16 00:24
coaches and resume, core players, the core of effective team. New world rankings!
Who is right Gongshi to 12010-01-16 00:23
Super team, last season the main, this season has been listed, such as Tianjin, Chengdu and so on, i
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