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wfk84222010-01-16 05:21:57 +0000 #1
golf game, what birdie, eagle, what that means.

2009-12-17 21:39 supplementary question what is meant by the greens.
Pluto Hardee2010-01-16 05:23:47 +0000 #2

pairs of golf has not been very understanding, look at what is often heard when the Star Sports "Birdie" "eagle", today, looked at the statistics, and finally clear: the

"Pa" (PAR): hit the hole and the par score for the same

"Birdie" (BIRDIE): batting score below par 1

"eagle" (EAGLE): Low on par 2

"recharge" (BOGEY): batting score one more than the par-ri

tennis ball score directly called "S" ball, the formal statement should be called the "ACE" Ball

What is is a birdie?

Total is divided into 3 hole, 4 hole, 5 hole in three forms

from each distance from the decision of the fairways are a few par the hole.

3 holes, three on the hole, and called par.

Generally speaking, a two-putt on the greens is a standard, three-hole is the tee when a hit green, then two-putted. This is par.

If you only spent a push, with a total score of 2 only, that is, one less than the standard shot, it is a birdie.

4-hole Similarly, two hit the green, two putts on the greens. A total of four, that is par of the.

5 holes, three shots hit the green, a two-putt greens, a total of 5, par.

For professional masters, they particularly like to play five holes, because they fight distance,

2 is easier to reach the five-hole green, then two-putted, a total of four, that is, birdie.

Of course, do not have to push the two, in short, no matter the method used, as long as less than the standard one end of the rod through the hole, the hole results is -1, that is, birdie.

The origin of birds and other golf terms like "history of golf terminology dictionary" (1993) for the term birdie (birdie) explanation: in a hole on the players received less than 1-under par performance .

Birdie's etymology comes from the United States during the 19th century proverb of the birds (bird). The 19th century in the 20th century, bird in the United States saying it means everything in a very wonderful person or thing, and cool (cool) about the meaning. On the golf course, when the players to complete a beautiful shot 1-under par performance, the game will be called bird, is a metaphor, like golf, like birds flying in the air, it is also very exciting beautiful. Later, after a bird of shot interpretation, bird gradually evolved into the present has been said birdie. From the early 20th century onwards, birdie start of the name for the whole world within the framework of the general popularity.

The first term may be a bird of shot from the phrase evolved. It is believed that the term birdie (birdie) was first born in the United States, New Jersey Atlantic City Country Club (Atlantic City CC), but the specific time, say they have mixed. Some said that in 1899, according to HB Martin in 1936 published "The United States Golf for 50 years" (Fifty Years of American Golf) records; and even more people think it is in 1903, which is based on the Atlantic City Country Club documented. Everyone began to believe that in 1903 years. The United States Golf Association (USGA) Museum and Archives Rand Jerris, director of storage at when talking about this topic said: As the club's argument is like this, we can only make such a reference.

It is said that the United States Phillies Ab Smith is a golf history, said less than a 1-under par performance for the bird who, when he was with friends, playing a trio of the Accenture Match Play Championship. In 1962, the United States, a court administrator Ab Smith magazine published a description of the source terms on the birds. He is described this way: in 1899, Ab Smith and his brother, William P Smith and the other a friend George A Crump three together in the Atlantic City Country Club to play, George A Crump was involved in the design of the current world's best-known golf course, one of the Pine Valley Golf Club (Pine Valley Golf Club). When they hit the course the first two holes 4 hole, Ab Smith second shot, putting the ball into the hole 6 inches away from the place, he was pleased to cried really a birdie ah (a bird of shot), then, he suggested that if he can be less than 1-under par to win the three accomplishments of the hole, he should get double the stake. This proposal received the consent of the other two. A result, he did to win the hole 3. Since then, they began to call this type of result for the bird (a bird of shot), later on referred to as a birdie. Therefore, generally considered Atlantic City Country Club is the birthplace of the term birdie. Of course, the club itself has this proud cast will be birdie on the coins as souvenirs, but the time of the incident recorded in 1903.

Golf on the bird story for everyone talking about this, and regardless of the Atlantic City Country Club, saying the existence of this element of exaggeration, but the birdie (birdie) The word comes from the United States saying a bird of a shot (a small bird ball) should be a more credible.

Golf terminology, the English name EAGLE, that is, below par 2

"eagle" (eagle): that is less than the standard two-stroke stroke meant. Distance, Table 43 End Table 54 into the. This stroke less than the standard two-stroke, slap an eagle. There is another that is, double eagle double eagle, which is very rare in the golf course a success. That is less than the par 3. ... Only took place in four or five holes. Also known as golden eagle, Albtrass is the albatross, which is to set out the basis of merit.

EAGLE in English where the meaning is the eagle, known as the eagle.

Greens (putting green) is the game of golf in a term refers to the hole where the lawn, green grass is short, smooth, helped push the ball. Namely, the word green green English transliteration from English. Players play, the first goal, that is marked with the green ball, and then further to putt to goals. The grass greens golf course than in other regions of the grass is more precious, delicate. Moreover, Ms. wearing high heels are absolutely not allowed to enter the green, because the grass would be a bad step.

Man-made artificial greens greens artificial greens originated in the United States. As the United States, lack of water resources, natural lawn and golf course greens daily management, maintenance, and maintenance costs are too high, combined with spraying of pesticides is not only pollute the environment and damage to human health, in order to address these growing problems and come up with such a low cost, pollution, simulation, artificial fruit high collar.

Man-made green benefits to people, above all, its authenticity - bionics and artificial greens in full accordance with the production, so that both the ball, ball flu, etc, natural greens Jiaogan incompatible shoot Chung, allow people to dare to give up the natural greens instead.

Man-made advantages of green materials in its excellent conductivity, low cost him, easy to maintain. Used in the production process due to a number of modern technological means, so that it has strong tensile nature, strong abrasion resistance, strong flexibility, strong drainage and strong anti-fade resistance.

Artificial greens its environmental advantages are also non-polluting properties. It is the material does not contain any harmful substances, and have to absorb the noise function, no spraying, no need to spray, no need to trim that is able to play golf all year round to reach the standard, which saves expensive natural greens (grass) artificial maintenance costs, but also to avoid a long-term environmental pollution caused by spraying pesticides to cause harm to humans and many other disadvantages. Artificial greens (grass) the advent of innocent children, as well as the body and sensitive ladies and old people can enjoy unlimited golf fun for each golfer has added a recreational green heaven and earth.

Man-made green broken only after the appearance of golf courses or driving ranges in order to enjoy the fun of the traditional swing, the high-Le-Fu movements into large family garden lovers dream into reality, so your office, the home courtyard, the roof ...... as golf courses everywhere feel the feeling, enjoy the game of golf to bring happiness in the company, you can sneak in and enjoy this little piece of the oasis; at home after the garden, You can enjoy the pleasure for half an hour before meals, which allows beginners to play for you, there is a good place for school ball, a good place to practice.



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