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"King reported that golf" is a weekly Mody?

Bo change the world2010-01-17 11:01:51 +0000 #1
"King reported that golf," What is the content?
wen52010-01-17 11:15:04 +0000 #2
"competing newspaper • Golf" magazine (GOLFGUIDE) investment in the Beijing Daily Group, established by the Beijing-run newspaper in Beijing competing search and strategic co-operation, Beijing, Beijing, searching for specific implementation of the Run golf professional media. Published 15 million copies in Beijing, in Beijing Wuhuanyinei more than 2,000 newsstands and metro stations sold the establishment of comprehensive retail network. In the provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities, "the Post newspaper directory" ads, post offices across the country acceptable to subscribers. A week in Air China, China Eastern, Southern, Lufthansa, United Airlines, Hainan Airlines six key domestic airlines, a total of more than 400 flights were running on more than 20,000 competing newspaper. And the selection of Beijing Sinopec four rings and 99 five-star service stations, comprehensive coverage of high-end crowd. More than 200 4S shops and Beijing's golf course, driving range all the coverage.



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