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How to play golf should be, what rules of the game

Seek Happiness2010-04-19 09:10:14 +0000 #1
how to play golf should be, what rules of the game
a small ocean lamb2010-04-19 09:19:32 +0000 #2
main form of golf competition

① Match Play Match Play is less The score so after a one hole winner of the hole to determine each hole Match Play Championship.

② stroke play score at the minimum requirement so after a few rounds of the competition or who is the winner. International competitions and national competitions are more than a stroke play. Introduction

Golf Tournament rules rules of the game every time by the Golf Association and the organizers of the race developed. In fact, the main rules of the game in the race or the race himself to perform. That is, participants should take the spirit of fair competition based on consciously abide by the rules themselves for the referee.


① good manners when playing swing and should pay attention to safety, to prevent injury accidents.

* Does not affect other people play, do not delay.

* The group conducted too slowly, so that the back of a group beyond.

* After playing in one, should be carefully repaired site.

② tee Rules

* late: late for 5 minutes, to two-stroke penalty.

* Batting order: according to the provisions of the order of competition organizing committee can also draw, finger-guessing game, or by age, decided who should serve.

* Question: the situation can be companions of the venue question.

* Stroke: the official golf swing did not hit the ball, there should be one. From tee ball to fall in place intended to second shot, the ball is again put back tee, even if the third shot.

* The ball out of bounds: the first play of the ball was out, so after we all can be added after the fight. However, the calculation for the third shot.

* Serve the ball home: serve, serve the ball must be placed on the tee area.

③ Ball Road Rules

* batting order: who should be far from the first hole to play.

* The wrong fight: to fight someone else wrong ball, to be punished 2.

* For the ball: the ball is broken, you can explain to the partner for the ball; no explanation for the ball, be fined one; sly for the ball, the penalty 2.

* Re-elect the ball position: unable to play the ball to where you can explain to a fine fellow, a team of the ball out, away from the hole in place by two strokes in the context of drop radius.

* Looking for the ball: In order to confirm your ball, hit space obstacles, and move the ball, penalty one. 5 minutes can not find the ball, the ball is considered lost, to play back in situ, and a penalty.

* Others: air command when playing or broken branches, will be fined 2. Ball in their own carts or bags, the penalty 2. Ball, if the batter, count two.

④ hazard rules

* hit bunker shot: in the sand, ready to play, the club hit the sand to fine 2.

To hit into the water hazard the ball: the ball into the water hazard, to a penalty, then all points in the water outside the water hazard drop. If you insist on hitting the water, no penalty shot.

⑤ hole area (green) Rules

* rub the ball: the ball on the putting green, you can rub the ball, but the ball position marking must be done, no marking, be fined one.

* Order of play: Who's who should play the ball far away from the hole.

* Prejudice: prejudice to other people playing the ball, can pick up but it should be marking. Putt of leaves can be taken online, but there are spikes in the putt line of prints, not to order. Others are still moving when pushing the ball, make moves on to play their own ball, two-stroke penalty.

* Hole: official stroke play, each hole must be shot one hole, otherwise disqualify the participant.

* Touches someone else's ball: When playing on the greens, the ball hit the green on the other, should be put back touched the ball (if two people of the ball on the green, hit the ball the person to be punished 2).



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