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heroes do not ask the source2010-04-22 01:10:22 +0000 #1
I want to do this, but I did not come into contact with, just ask the next phone call, said he needed to concentrate fully, learning to pay the 200 fee. I wanted to ask next, so this is mainly responsible for doing What, is not very hard, and then also be responsible for what work? thank the
scw8512142010-04-22 01:14:28 +0000 #2
Hello, I'm court staff, and now into the course caddy There are two ways to do more formal The first is to recruit people such as golf course, you know the candidates to court interview after the training is within the court. Pui

After the passing of the induction training, generally do not Delivery, but training for 1-3 months, but now courses are more like strokes a year of experience, so do not have the training, because training costs are high. The second is through

had sent formal training institutions caddy caddy, we now regularly from the Beijing stadium T9 caddy training base figures, they are said to be regular, 18-hole golf course, it sent only to familiarize yourself with the ball caddy Road

of the situation, do not do the extra training, induction time, faster than the novice, but to find formal training institutions (whether formal distinction between the easiest way is to look at the training institutions have no course, if there are training courses

caddy out very formal training, skills, no problem. If there is no training course let us forget, paid the money came out to the golf course have to re-training. but in general there are court costs of formal training institutions will not be too

low), so that if the hundreds of pieces is definitely a problem. it would be taking a look, and kind of like you say, pay 170 yuan for training fees, hundred percent false. I wish you good luck.



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